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Questions for Conference

Conference is the process by which A.A. as a whole makes recommendations on how it should operate. It is not some distant lofty board making decisions, it is the dynamic and living expression of the conscience of the entire fellowship in Great Britain.

It begins with the groups, individuals and Intergroups offering questions, these are passed down through the service structure being refined as they go.

The questions are collated by the Conference Steering Committee and then passed back to the groups to discuss. Our responses are then passed back through the Conference structure to the annual Conference held at York.

The responses are discussed in groups at a Conference meeting which then pass back the results to the groups through the Final Conference Report. Thus questions receive a very very carefully thought out response and any actions are taken with responsible consideration.

So you and your group are vital in making this process work. MAKE SURE YOUR GROUP IS INVOLVED. Speak to your GSR if a meeting to discuss the questions has not yet been arranged. 

Key dates:

  • 31 Aug 2018 - Deadline for question submission
  • December 2018 - Questions are published. Your GSR has received a copy of the questions and with any luck they will have mentioned this at a recent meeting and placed them on your literature table by now. So have a look!  
  • 31 Mar 2019 - Deadline for responses to be received at GSO