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This page gives information on all online meetings currently running in Southdown Intergroup area. Physical meetings will be notified in the 'Physical Meetings' section of this website.

If you are NEW to A.A. we strongly suggest you call our local helpline first before attending an online meeting. This will allow us to explain how A.A. can help you and how the meetings work, and is a lot more personal than going into a meeting 'cold'. The number to call is 023 9258 0776 and is manned 24/7.

You can also find out more by downloading our Starter Pack which can be found HERE.

If you want to join a meeting you will need to download the relevant software (basic versions are free) to the device of your choice and click on the relevant link below to join. See below for meeting etiquette. You can join meetings from a browser without downloading software or opening an account but the function is limited. You can also join Zoom meetings with a phone call - see below.

If you start a Skype, Zoom (or other similar) teleconferencing group please send me a description, the link and the Host contact details and I'll publish it here. My contact details are on the Intergroup Home Page.

If this is a new group and not a replacement for a physical meeting then you will need to register with GSO via the 'Pink Form' and advise our Intergroup Secretary Clare F - secretary.southdown@aamail.org.

GSO has issued guidelines regarding good practice and anonymity for setting up and publishing details of online meetings. It also has information on how to deal with malicious participants. The guidelines can be found HERE.

ZOOM GUIDE - A guide for Hosts setting up Zoom can be found HERE. It contains information on all the Zoom settings you need to achieve the best experience for participants and the various trade-offs of function, anonymity and security. There are practical tips on etiquette and on running the meeting. This is a MUST READ.

We do not endorse any conferencing products, they all have their relative merits and limitations. Those that have a paid-for licence generally have better controls over anonymity and meeting management.

WEEKLY meetings:

Sunday - Hayling, 18:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 149 167 596, Clare M: 12step.southdown@aamail.org

Sunday - Titchfield, 19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 931 5682 9353, Passcode: 81327054 , Alan H: ecomm.southdown@aamail.org

Sunday - Chichester, 18:00, "Emotions in Recovery" Zoom, JOIN, ID: 510 144 171, Password: Recovery, Steve S, Chi.Bognor.OnlineAA@gmail.com


Monday - Portsmouth, 19:00, "Back to Basics", Zoom, JOIN, ID: 994 738 597, Alan H: ecomm.southdown@aamail.org

Monday - Chichester, 11:00 for 11:15, "Step and Tradition" , Zoom, JOIN, ID: 579 865 189, Password; Recovery, Steve S: Chi.Bognor.OnlineAA@gmail.com

Monday - Cosham, 19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 811 5177 3079, Password: 039206. Cancelled from 17 August

Monday - Havant Women's meeting, 19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 399 476 931, Password: 339363

Monday - Chichester, "As Bill Sees It", 19:45 for 20:00, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 931 671 755, Password: Recovery, Steve S: Chi.Bognor.OnlineAA@gmail.com

Monday - Bridgemary Step, 19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 892 0397 4467, Greg B: telephones.southdown@aamail.org

Monday - Liss, 20:00, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 886 3953 1050


Tuesday - Havant Leigh Park, 12:30, "Daily Reflections", Zoom, JOIN, ID: 610 530 280, Passcode: 001845, Clare M: 12step.southdown@aamail.org

Tuesday - Midhurst, 19:30 for 20:00, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 756 661 796 - Cancelled from 4 Aug

Tuesday - Southsea St Simon's, 19:00 for 19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 669 095 261

Tuesday - Gosport, 19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: Meeting ID: 839 7550 1656, Passcode: 487214 - Reinstated from 10 Nov

Tuesday - Newport, 19:15, Con-Flab (teleconferencing facility), Call +443333350335,

Pin code 742958. Check your calling plan with your service provider for cost of call to this number.


Wednesday - Portsmouth, 19:30, LGBT Love and Tolerance, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 726 1950 1181, Password: serenity

Wednesday - Haslemere, 20:00, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 378 816 710, Passcode: 004761

Wednesday - Bognor Regis, 11:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 751 911 925, Passcode: HolyCross - Hybrid from 7 Oct.

Wednesday - NEW - Southdown Midweek online, "Living the AA Way", 11:15, Zoom ONLY, JOIN, ID: 885 4100 7901, Passcode: 319066, Starting 30 Sep, Clare M: haylingonlinemeetings@gmail.com


Thursday - Emsworth, 19:30, "As Bill Sees It", Zoom, JOIN, ID: 8293 9647 200, emsworth.thursday@gmail.com 

Thursday - Bognor Regis, 19:30, Step and Tradition, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 326 388 074

Thursday - Petersfield, 11:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 774 333 881, Password: Serenity

Thursday - Southsea, 12:00, "Reflections", Zoom, JOIN, ID: 879 7985 5639, Password: malady

Thursday - Petworth, 20:00, Zoom, JOIN, Meeting ID: 842 5155 9630, Password: 632419


Friday - Portsmouth St Marks Derby Road, 19:30, this is a Skype meeting. JOIN

Friday - Hayling, 11:45, "Living Sober", Zoom, JOIN, ID: 632 666 051, Clare M: 12step.southdown@aamail.org  Meeting cancelled from 2 October.

Friday - Chichester and Bognor, 20:00, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 805 965 268, Password: Recovery, Steve S, Chi.Bognor.OnlineAA@gmail.com

Friday - Bishops Waltham, 19:45, Zoom, JOIN, John BD: ecomm.se@aamail.org

Friday - Waterlooville, 19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 859 2809 5924, Passcode: 585603. Please note meeting ID and passcode changed, effective 25 Sep. Alan H: ecomm.southdown@aamail.org

Friday - Haslemere, Step, 12:00, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 253 748 131

Friday - Gosport, 19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 894 0363 2184, Passcode: 806023. Reinstated from 6 Nov. 


Saturday - Emsworth, 10:00, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 846 6398 9360, Password: 850028. Please note new meeting ID and password effective 10 Oct.

Saturday - Petersfield Step,19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 791 973 107, Password: 480382

Saturday - Bognor Regis NEWCOMERS, 11:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 163 915 671, Password: Recovery, Steve S: Chi.Bognor.OnlineAA@gmail.com

Saturday - Portsmouth Cathedral, 19:30, Zoom, JOIN, ID: 897 7334 6222, Greg B: telephones.southdown@aamail.org


PHONE-IN meeting facility, Zoom

For those without a smart device or internet access (!) you can dial in from your mobile or Landline to a Zoom meeting. All you have to do is call one of the numbers listed below and enter the ID of the meeting and a password (if required) when prompted:

        0330 088 5830

        0131 460 1196

        0203 481 5237

        0203 481 5240

        0208 080 6591

        0208 080 6592

You can unmute or mute your phone by keying *6 at any time

You can 'raise your hand' by keying *9 at any time. The meeting Host will see a notification and will take this as a request to speak.

Since you could be on the phone for an hour or more you should check your calling plan with your service provider to understand what these calls are likely to cost. Basically it's the cost of calling an 01, 02 or 03 number in the UK.

Online meeting preparation, etiquette and what to expect

Whichever conferencing tool you use you should edit your profile to contain your christian name and surname initial. This helps with identification and is less likely to be misconstrued when Hosts are admitting people into meetings.

It is suggested you join the call (i.e. click on the highlighted word "JOIN") up to 30 minutes in advance of the meeting start so the meeting Host can get organised and help those having problems. It can be like a 'chat room' at this time if the Host allows it. During this time you can get tea/coffee go to the loo etc.!

Please close all other internet applications on your device as they impact the quality of the meeting call. If your connection is dropped, click on the "JOIN" link again.

Please turn off or silence mobile phones if you are not using them to attend the meeting.

Once the meeting starts then as far as possible it will be conducted as if everyone is in a room together i.e. only one person is speaking at any one time. It is customary to mute your microphone unless you are going to speak. This reduces noise which gets worse the more participants there are. If several people try to speak at once the audio feed gets really muddled. The meeting Host will normally have a function to mute everyone except the current speaker. If you wish to speak please raise your hand. Some meetings have a button for this and a hand icon will appear in your window.

Out of courtesy to other participants and especially if there is a guest speaker, please keep your video feed on and only turn it off where necessary.

If there are many participants or the meeting quality suffers - e.g. audio or video dropouts, the Host will try to compensate by turning off the video feed for everyone.

This obviously affects the feel of the meetings we are used to when we are in the same room. We'll have to get used to it.

Please bear with your Hosts as they get to grips with this new method of running meetings so we can deliver the best experience to everyone.

If you wish to suggest any improvements to a meeting the Host will usually stay online after it has finished.