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Liaison Officers - what they do


For more information on all Liaison Officer positions see 'The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain' and 'Southdown Intergroup Aims & Structure 2018'. Copies of the latter are available from our Intergroup Secretary.   Our currently active Liaison Officers can be contacted HERE.

Public Information - position vacant

Telephone Service

Being a Telephone Responder is one of the most rewarding ways of doing service in AA, and one of the most effective ways in helping the still-suffering alcoholic because we talk to people directly. We maintain a rota of Responders in our Intergroup area and receive calls made to the national helpline number, and our local helpline on a shift basis.

Our local helpline is 02392 580 776, available 24/7

The team is always interested in anyone who would like to put their name forward for a role as a Telephone Responder or to be on our reserve list. The reserve lists are for when current responders are not able to do their shift for some reason so they go through the reserve list in the hope of finding someone to cover for them. 

Full training will be given.

We run a quarterly meeting for all Responders to keep up to date with the latest developments with the service. Meeting dates and times can be found in the relevant section elsewhere on this website.

Meetings are currently being held on Zoom. Anyone is welcome to attend to find out what we do. please contact one of us below for details.

Supporting the Telephone Service are the '12th-Steppers'. These are volunteers in the area who receive calls from Responders and contact the original caller to offer help and assistance including house calls, taking them to / meeting them at meetings, and hospital calls. We maintain a '12th-Step' list of volunteers which is updated quarterly by GSRs.

To volunteer, please contact our Telephone Liaison Officer or your GSR.

Greg B - Telephone Liaison Officer
Clare M - 12th-Step Coordinator

Young Persons

Hello, my name is Pravin I am the YPLO for the Southdown Intergroup and came into post in Spring 2018.

The Young People's Liaison Officer (YPLO) is a contact and conduit for young newcomers with a desire to stop drinking.

The YPLO receives and answers referred email and phone enquiries about AA from young people. This gives young people someone to talk with who has sober experience in Alcoholics Anonymous and who can share experience, strength and hope about getting sober at a young age.   

Another fundamental aim is to also get more younger members into AA and involved in service generally.

The role is a fairly new one in the AA structure and very similar to the Public Information Liaison Officers role but with an obvious focus on young people.
The role is not designed to be special and different

I work quite closely with our PI officer as a lot of our work overlaps.


My personal goals during my term are to:
1.  Make contact and spread the word better with organisations that may come into contact with young people who have a drinking problem - such as Universities, Schools and relevant services/institutions.
2. Develop a budding group of young people in the southdown intergroup area who are available to get involved in service and carrying the message.

Pravin I - Young Persons Liaison Officer


The privilege of being in service as the health liaison officer has given me the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of  our responsibility pledge and that is truly something to be grateful for.

HLO tends to sporadically work alongside the PILO but consists mainly of being the bridge between AA and the medical profession to reach the suffering alcoholic. Within this we work alongside hospitals, health centres ect - attempting to ensure provision of relevant A.A. literature, maintain clear understanding between our A.A. helpline/12 step responders and giving Presentations to medical professionals.

Within the presentations we aim to: 
  • Keep it simple
  • Myth bust the God word
  • break barriers
  • Explain the illness and solution 

My main aim as HLO has and will continue to be one of carrying our message and helping medical professionals understand these simple facts:

  • The disease of Alcoholism does not discriminate, neither does A.A.
  • Patients pay for their disease with their lives; AA works, wants to help and is FREE
I know it all sounds serious, because it is! But there is also tremendous fun within it all and the joy experienced when I see and hear an alcoholic recovering in a meeting who was previously at deaths door in a hospital bed is priceless!

Being of service as our HLO definitely helps me remember where i come from and how valuable the responsibility pledge truly is: "I am responsible".

Help is always needed and gratefully welcomed so If anyone is willing to get involved please let me know.

Danny S - Health Liaison Officer

Interlink - the magazine for your Intergroup

Interlink is a quarterly magazine that connects us to Intergroup. From regular reports from our Chair and Liaison Officers, to interactive Q&As to upcoming events and meetings, it's an opportunity to check in with those doing service across the Southdown and to learn more about how we spread the message. 

Published in February, May, August and November each year, Interlink is available on the website, at Intergroup Assemblies, via your GSRs and might even be found on the literature table at some AA meetings. 

Fancy getting Interlink fresh off the press and into your inbox every quarter? Simply email interlink.southdown@aamail.org to subscribe

Interlink articles can be submitted by anyone, so if you'd like your words to be included in the next edition, or have any thoughts or questions about Interlink, please email me at interlink.southdown@aamail.org

Lucy S - Interlink Editor