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Liaison Officers - what they do


Public Information 

We are Alcoholics Anonymous, not Alcoholics Invisible! 

I would like to establish a Public Information (PI) team to more widely and effectively spread our message. PI Service encompasses a wide range of activities, from simply placing literature at your doctors surgery, to addressing a school in an assembly. 
The only requirement for membership to the PI Team is enthusiasm for AA and service!

We only keep what we have by giving it away! 
I have found, in my experience that I gain a lot of satisfaction and growth in my recovery from spending time with non-Alcoholics, providing information about AA.

If you would like to get involved, please email me or you can call or text me on 07899796274. 

Click HERE for the PI events calendar for Summer 2018

Ellie W - Public Information Liaison Officer

Telephone Service

Being a Telephone Responder is one of the most rewarding ways of doing service in AA, and one of the most effective ways in helping the still-suffering alcoholic because we talk to people directly. We maintain a rota of Responders in our Intergroup area and receive calls made to the national helpline number, and our local helpline on a shift basis.

Our local helpline is 02392 580 776, available 24/7

Currently we have the following shift vacant for Telephone Service:

  • Monday 22:00 - 07:00
  • Thursday 07:00 - 13:00
We also need volunteers to act as reserves to cover for Responder absences

Full training will be given

We run a quarterly meeting for all Responders to keep up to date with the latest developments with the service. Meeting dates and times can be found in the relevant section elsewhere on this website.

All meetings are held at St. Faith's House, The Pallant, Havant, PO9 1BE. Meetings start at 19:30. You don't have to be a Telephone Responder to attend - why not come along and find out what it's all about?

Supporting the Telephone Service are the '12-Steppers'. These are volunteers in the area who receive calls from Responders and contact the original caller to offer help and assistance including house calls, taking them to / meeting them at meetings, and hospital calls. We maintain a '12-Step' list of volunteers which is updated quarterly by GSRs.

For more information see 'The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain' and to volunteer contact our Telephone Liaison Officer or your GSR.

Una S - Telephone Liaison Officer
Julia G - 12-Step Coordinator

Young Persons

Hello, my name is Pravin I am the new YPLO for the Southdown Intergroup and came into post in Spring 2018

The Young People's Liaison Officer (YPLO) is a contact and conduit for young newcomers with a desire to stop drinking.

The YPLO receives and answers referred email and phone enquiries about AA from young people. This gives young people someone to talk with who has sober experience in Alcoholics Anonymous and who can share experience, strength and hope about getting sober at a young age.   

Another fundamental aim is to also get more younger members into AA and involved in service generally.

The role is a fairly new one in the AA structure and very similar to the Public Information Liaison Officers role but with an obvious focus on young people.
The role is not designed to be special and different

I work quite closely with our PI officer as a lot of our work overlaps.


I'm fairly new into this role and still settling in, but some of my personal goals during my term are to:
1.  Make contact and spread the word better with organisations that may come into contact with young people who have a drinking problem - such as Universities, Schools and relevant services/institutions.
2. Develop a budding group of young people in the southdown intergroup area who are available to get involved in service and carrying the message.

Pravin I - Young Persons Liaison Officer

Interlink - the magazine for your Intergroup

While this is not a Liaison Officer position as such it is directly relevant to what they do so it is included here as the most appropriate place. 

Interlink is a quarterly magazine published by our Intergroup and available in February, May, August and November each year. It is distributed at Intergroup Assemblies and will soon be available on this website. 

It contains a report from our Chair and reports from each of our Liaison Officers on what they have been doing in the last three months. Articles can be submitted by anyone for consideration to be included in the next edition. Our Steering Committee reviews and approves all articles for inclusion. 

There is also a section showing the various Intergroup and Region meeting dates. 

All GSRs are encouraged to take copies from Intergroup Assemblies and place on the literature table of their Home Group. 

Please contact me if you wish to submit and article or have any questions or comments about Interlink.

Alan H - Interlink Editor