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Group Vacancies

This section was originally intended to show what service positions are available in Groups throughout our Intergroup area. The service positions are those requiring reasonable periods of sobriety / duration i.e. GSR, Chair, Treasurer, Key Holder, Literature Secretary. Also needed are Greeters, people to organise refreshments, and people to help set up and pack up before and after meetings. These jobs are vital to the running of the Group but require far less sobriety and are ideal if you're new in the Fellowship.

Currently there are so many service positions which need filling that they are too numerous to list! Why is this? 

The answer is simple: it's because YOU are not volunteering to help!


  • Why am I not doing service?
  • Why is my Sponsor not encouraging me to do Service?
  • Why is Service not an integral part of my recovery? 
  • Why am I just taking from a meeting and not giving anything back?
  • Why am I not attending my Home Group's Conscience meetings and volunteering to help?
  • Why don't I have a Home Group?
  • WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Remember THE 12-STEP PROGRAMME is a programme of ACTION.
AFRAID of the commitment? DON'T BE! Talk to your Home Group members, someone else in Service, your GSR.