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Group Information

Some of our meetings have their own web pages which give more detailed information about where the meeting takes place, parking arrangements and the meeting itself. Click on the names to see their pages:

Fareham - Wednesday evening

Portchester - Thursday evening

Suggestions for Newcomers CLICK HERE

Thinking of starting a new group?

Our Intergroup has over 60 Groups within its boundaries so it is very likely that any potential requirement for a new Group is already covered by existing Groups in your area. It's worth considering the following points before proceeding - 1. Will you regularly attract enough members to take sufficient pot money to cover your expenses (such as meeting room hire, literature, tea and coffee) and contribute your share of the phone and insurance costs to Intergroup? 2. Do you have sufficient members with enough sobriety to fill the main Service positions in the group such as GSR, Chair and Treasurer and are they committed to make the proposed meeting their Home Group?

Help offered: 

Got something you want to offer to others? Email details and I'll post them here.

September 2021 - Public Information Service News CLICK HERE

Pricelist and order form 2021-22 for AA literature can be found HERE

Contact Andrew N: ecomm.southdown@aamail.org to get information posted.