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Conventions / Events

As well as local events this list includes those not in the same Intergroup area that are reasonably close as to be of interest. Click on the highlighted text to see the flyer for the event.

  • 26 January 2020 - Gosport Annual One Day Convention - 'CARRYING THE AA MESSAGE'
  • 21-23 February 2020, Isle of Wight Convention - Flyer: 'STEPPING INTO THE SUNLIGHT'
    Any questions, please call one of the following:
    AA - John K (Convenor) 07773 497497, yoda9957@yahoo. co. uk.  
    AA - Andrea  (Registrar) 07891 451935 moizale@hotmail. com.  
    AlAnon Jean W (AlAnon Convenor), 07896 344197, jeanvwhiffen@gmail. com
  • South East Region Darkness Into Light project 2019-2022
    The aim of this project is to pass the message to the public, so that we normalise AA in the South East Region to attract professionals, and to pass the message to suffering alcoholics, so they may join us in the light. For full information and schedule click HERE.
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