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Solent Online Meetings 

Please can groups administering these sites ensure that all members are welcome (new and old and visitors) as these meetings are going to be much needed during these tough and frightening times.  The format for an online meetings should be as that for any usual AA meeting minus washing-up and room tidying.  Officers should be the same and any member can still accept roles at Intergroup, Region, etc. 

See GSO guidelines before opening a new online meeting.  Experience indicates that a licensed app (paid for) provides improved security options than the free programmes.

Tips on online meeting platforms
The following meetings include a variety of platforms and some will require you to download an app first before you can use the links below (some will prompt you to download this app when you click the link). You should then be able to either click on the link here or paste the URL into your browser and click go to access the meeting.  Some have the option of a phone call which is stated. To avoid background noise or possible feedback it is advisable to mute your microphone when not speaking.  For help & tutorials please go to our Tutorials page (click tab at the top left of this page).    There have been interlopers experienced at some meetings so it may be wise not to display surnames and some Groups may consider cameras being kept on.  Please treat all meetings with respect: remain present throughout, no phone calls, texts or distractions whilst in progress.  Treat it as if you were attending your Home Group.  Thank you..  

Online help for Newcomers

https://join.skype.com/dEQgDI6pts2r   This is for newcomers and they can go direct by clicking on the link. There are 31 active members so hopefully always a member there to welcome you amd answer any questions.  As all meetings are currently online we will alsso guide you from this page to  find a meeting and explain what to expect.
 (More members can join as well to do service by clicking on the link - minimum 6 months sobriety please - temporarily reduced from 1 year during this period)

St. Mary‚??s Sunday morning 11-12.30.  The Zoom meeting ID: 573 904 4534, password: 778757.  Ring Debbie on 07497 462618 if help needed.

Ordnance Road Sunday Opens 7.00 pm starts 7.30.  On Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89843778160?pwd=a1RYNVd2NWJtblFpejFvdlhEY3JaUT09  Meeting ID:: 898 4377 8160  Password: bigbook  Dial in Number: +44 203 481 5240 dial in meeting ID: 898 4377 8160 dial in password:: 864462 

Maybusg Sunday 7.30 pm. On Zoom:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/521780572?pwd=WiswbTRzTlVXRHNEOWZzdE53ZUhSUT09  Meeting ID: 521 780 572 Password: 429542 

Ringwood Monday 7 pm Big Book Study meeting.
https://zoom.us/j/590746527 Meeting ID: 590 746 527 

Bugle Street Monday opens 19.15 starts 1930- 2100,  
Zoom meeting:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/617654092  Meeting ID: 617-654-092        Password: Recovery
Locksheath Tuesday Opens 7.15 starts 7.30 pm. 
On Zoom : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86033911716?pwd=NkVaaU1mYjY4WUwxTEJLc25GYzRqZz09
 Meeting ID: 860 3391 1716  Password: Recovery

On Zoom:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/899901256?pwd=Uy9ob2ZBVGJ3UksvZjdmVzNhY1ZNQT09  Meeting ID: 899 901 256  Password: Powerless

Ordnance Road Tuesday Discussion Meeting Opens 7 pm starts 7.30.  On Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82495520213?pwd=OXJEZnN2c2dMS2tSWkx6N29malJ1QT09  Meeting ID:: 824 9552 02  Password: discussion  Dial in number +44 203 481 5240 dial in meeting ID: 824 9552 0213  dial in password: 612864

St.Mary's Thursday Lunchtime Opens 12.15 pm starts 12.30-13.30  
On Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2407221805
Meeting ID: 240 722 1805  Password:: Unity

Milford on Sea Thursday lunchtime 12 and 12.  Opens at 12 starts at 12.15 pm,  Webex Meeting number:: 959 238 931   Password:12+12thurs  Dial up: 62-109-219-4 and enter meeting number: Virtual

New Milton Thursday Opens 19.15 starts 19.30-20.45.  There is a Solution.  This is accessible to members with no smartphone or internet Wi-Fi access.   https://newmiltonaa.my.webex.com/newmiltonaa.my/j.php?MTID=m7fab6f087364d6ddc229eb9064075726  Meeting number: 163 554 9057  Password: 164164.  Or join by video system: Dial 1635549057@webex.com  You can also dial and enter your meeting number. Or join by phone +44-20-7660-8149 United Kingdom Toll.  Access code: 163 554 9057

 Locksheath Friday Opens 7.15 pm starts 7.30 pm - a mixed Experience Strength & Hope meeting.  On Zoom : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87593974704?pwd=TTRHN0dpWXpZcDVVeVg2eWNUYm85UT09  Meeting ID: 875 9397 4704  Passcode: Recovery

New Forest (Milford on Sea) Friday 7.10 for 7.30 start (room locked at 7.30)
Usual formats, step, share, topic as best we can!  Please ensure all cameras are on and no surnames displayed.  On Zoom: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9022066715?pwd=VGhnNk9NY3YrREZWc1lMT0ROZlFkdz09
Meeting ID: 902 206 6715  Password: BillW35!

Brockenhurst Friday. Zoom meeting starts 7.30pm 
Meeting ID: 425 346 769 Password: Gratitude

Shirley Friday Opens 7.10 pm starts 7.30
On Zoom: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/336499924   Meeting ID: 336499924 Password: Serenity

Marchwood Saturday monring Opens 10.45 meeting 11.00 am - 12.30 pm. Join Zoom Meeting:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8560242290  Meeting ID: 856 024 2290

Online Meetings in neighbouring areas
Northdown:  http://aa-gb.org/northdown

24/7 Marathon Worldwide Meeting 
Zoom 2923712604.  Runs 24 hours a day. Fully safeguarded and traditions run, self-supporting, healthy meeting. Service positions are available: hosts, chairs, greeters one hour rotating shifts..