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Online meetings

All meetings run by East Kent Intergroup.

Monday 7.30pm: Herne Bay  
Tuesday 7am: Early Risers Daily Reflections (1 hr)
Tuesday noon: Ashford Daily Reflections
Tuesday 7pm: East Kent AA Big Book + Speaker
Wednesday: 8pm Whitstable fellowship speaker meeting
Thursday 7.30pm: East Kent AA Sunset meeting
Saturday 11am: Tankerton Big Book Study (1hr) 
Saturday 7.45pm: Birchington
Sunday 11am: East Kent AA Daily Reflections
Sunday 7.30pm: East Kent AA Sunset meeting  

All meetings are 'opened' 15 minutes prior to the start.
The meeting ID and URL is the same for all E Kent meetings
Meeting ID: 251 604 2234  - Password: 248789

Meetings run by individual groups:

Monday 11am: Faversham Step Online
Meeting ID: 485 913 2278
Password: 145275

Monday 7.30pm: Dover Big Book study
Meeting ID: 823 134 186
Password: 057680

Tuesday 7.45pm:  Folkstone
Meeting: ID: 192 155 225

Password: 634233

Tuesday 8pm: Tenterden Speaker meeting
Meeting ID:  526 886 3257
Password 561296 

Wednesday 11.00am Faversham Speaker
Meeting ID: 485 913 2278 
Password: 145275

Wednesday 7.30pm: Dover Into Action - Speaker meeting
Meeting ID 903 783 024
Password: 026181

Wednesday 8.00pm: Ashford Big Book Study
Meeting ID: 588 635 7928
Password: 452700

Thursday 8.00pm: Cheriton
Meeting ID: 492 734 496
Password: 018508

Friday 7.45pm: Dover Speaker Meeting  
Meeting ID: 330 921 1744
No password

Friday   8pm: Tenterden Speaker meeting Meeting
ID: 526 886 3257
Password 561296

Friday 8pm: Faversham Friday Online
Meeting ID: 485 913 2278
Password: 145275

Saturday 11am: Tenterden Steps & Traditions
Meeting ID: 278 646 472
No password

Saturday 7pm: Canterbury Daily Reflections
Meeting ID: 913 3063 3445
Password: 1212

Sunday 11am: Faversham Discussion Online
Meeting ID: 370 297 8788
Password: 062992

To join zoom meetings by phone, please use any of the phone numbers below, and enter the meeting ID & password when you are prompted to do so.
0131 460 1196 
0203 051 2874
0203 481 5237
0203 481 5240   

Tradition 7 - please note, we have set up an East Kent AA PayPal pools account for Tradition 7 payments, and the link will be posted during online meetings This isn't ideal as there is a charge for using this facility, and my full name appears on screen, but this is an unprecedented situation, and we're all trying to do what we can. Thanks for your understanding. Annie W EKIG Secretary.
This from GSO:
Members can make their contribution direct to GSO by bank transfer see below. We are presently setting up a PayPal Giving Fund which operates slightly differently from other just giving services in that it charges no fees or commission on monies donated. We hope to have that set up and running within a few days. 
For the account of : The General Service Board
Acc no    51556185
Sort code   40-19-23