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Coranvirus meeting guidance

Covid 19 protection suggestions from EK Intergroup

Meetings are an essential and vital part of our recovery. While it is important for us to attend meetings, it is also important to protect our own health and the health of our fellows. Intergroup encourages each group that continues to offer in-person meetings to discuss the topic of preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Here are some specific suggestions for limiting the spread of this disease at meetings:

- Read and discuss these prevention guidelines with your group at the earliest opportunity.

- Encourage all members to wash hands upon arrival.

- Have a bottle of hand sanitizer at the meeting entrance ?? if you can get one!

- Refrain from shaking hands and holding hands during prayers.

- Set up chairs with extra space between each member.

- Avoid passing items from person to person, such as binders, chips/medallions, and the 7th Tradition pot. Ask members to read the Preamble, Traditions, Pledge etc from their phone.

- Tables and tea making areas should be cleaned with disinfectant if possible. 

- Members may prefer to bring their own refreshments to meetings.

- Ask members to stay home if experiencing any of these symptoms:


Sore throat


Shortness of breath 

Runny nose, cold or flu symptoms