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Intergroup Minutes - Jan 2020

Alcoholics Anonymous - Borders and East Lothian Intergroup Peebles Community Centre, Walkershaugh, Peebles Intergroup meeting on Sunday 5th January 2020

Meeting started at 1340 

Attended Chair: Jim Temporary Secretary/Treasurer: Max E Health Liaison / Telephone Liaison: Ross Secretary of Scottish Helpline: Jeannie PI (Schools): Grant Observers: Frank (Galashiels Wed), Kate (Observer) , Matt (Haddington Monday), Emma H (Haddington Thursday), Adrian B 

Apologies: Cliff 

The preamble was read by Jim and Grant read the 12 Traditions. 

Chairpersons Remarks: Meeting started with opening remarks from Jim thanking everyone for their attendance. Secretary Report: There is currently no secretary; Cliff is unavailable, so Max has volunteered to take the minutes until either Cliff returns or we nominate a new secretary. Intergroup 

Meeting location: It is envisaged that this meeting will be our last at the Community Centre in Peebles due to growing costs and the church using that room as a storage location (it is unsuitable for meeting use.) Peebles Friday also use this location, so they are now looking for a new location.

Dennis (member of Peebles Friday) has identified a location close-by in Peebles and we await feedback from him on the suitability. Max raised a concern based on letting people know in advance about where the meeting is to be located (specifically for Roundabout Magazine). It was decided to wait until we get feedback from Dennis and then publish the new location in Roundabout (closing date for March 2020 edition is 3rd February 2020) and on the BELI micro-site. 

Minutes of the previous (November 2019) meeting: these were read through by Matt. Requested corrections from Jeannie was that it Shari not Sharon (observer) who attended the last meeting. Max also requested that he was going to be attending Scotia Region meetings (November minutes suggest there was no Scotia Region Rep) and this was agreed in September 2019. Treasurers Report: this was the first report from Max and a copy will be included on the website. There are new methods of contributing funds to BELI I/G. Summary is bank balance is: £1972.99 and petty cash sits at £140. There was a cash contribution from Port Seton of £50 (and receipt provided back to Grant) presented to Max ?? taking petty cash to £190. Max mentioned that Border Events Magazine advert has just finished in the January/February edition. Subject to the advert costs being similar as last year, the advert will be renewed for another 12 months.


There was a passionate debate about other magazines in the East Lothian area (that do a similar job to Border Events). Max asked for suggestions of publications to look at send via email (treasurer.bel@aamail.org) so they can be approached and costs look at. Max also stated that his view was that whilst we contributed very healthy donations to Scotia Region (over £9k for 2019), that BELI I/G should now be taking on using the funds raised to help promote the AA message in the BELI area. This means that Region funds will be reduced for this year. This message will be passed onto Region at the next meeting. Max also asked for approval to gain access to online banking for BELI account for up-to-date bank balance. This was approved PI (Schools): It was confirmed that Grant would be taking on the role of PI within Schools (and not the whole PI remit). There was a discussion about schools to be targeted for talks and a couple of the members at I/G volunteered as speakers.

There was discussion about speaking with Region about trying to garnish a template that can be used as a standard method of communication. Telephone Service: All services are going well. Since combining the various helplines across Scotland, there is currently no additional responders required. 

All feedback to the telephone service (either operationally or technical issues) to Ross at: telephone.bel@aamail.org Health Liaison: Jane (Scotia Region) has setup a Whatsapp group to work with all of the I/ G Health Liaison officers. Jane has also produced a Health pack for professionals for all the I/G officers. There is now a request for money by Ross to do a run of printing of these packs and produce some business cards. There is a hit-list of health care professionals (Doctors Surgery, Pharmacists) across Borders and East Lothian. The request for money was voted upon and a Sub of £100 will be given to Ross to start that process. There was also a request for funds to attend a national event for H/L officers in York. Additional funds would need to be provided for Ross for the event on 21st March 2020. 

Region Minutes: A copy of the Scotia meeting minutes was provided at the meeting and highlights were read out. Kate (Roundabout Magazine) stated that will be attending Region on the 9th February 2020 and will volunteer as Alternative Regional Rep for conference. Local AA Convention ?? there is no local convention, but there was a thought that BELI I/G should consider doing a (one day?) convention in 2021. Roundabout: Emma H (observer) has agreed to be the local Roundabout liaison officer for BELI and she was nominated by Matt, Max and Jim into that position. Emma and Kate to liaise and help promote Roundabout magazine in BELI area. 

ECLO : Cliff is currently not able to attend I/G and is looking to shed responsibility due to ill health. Intergroup welcomes volunteers for the ECLO position. Matt (Haddington) has said that will be able to assist on a temporary basis and will look to get credentials for the BELI microsite asap. 

Group Reports

Prestonpans : 18-20 people : doing well

Peebles Friday : 14 people : doing well

Peebles Tuesday : currently 12 people, usually 20-30 because of Castle Craig. Doing well

Peebles Sunday : 6-7 people. No representative / GSR

Galashiels Monday : 12 people : doing well 

Galashiels Wednesday : 12 people : doing well 

Galashiels Friday : unknown : No representative / GSR

Hawick Sunday : 8-10 people : doing well

Hawick Friday : unknown : No representative / GSR

Port Seton :|7-9 people : doing well

Musselburgh Friday : 2-4 people : struggling

Musselburgh Wednesday : numbers of people unknown : doing well Haddington Monday : 20-22 people : doing well 

Haddington Tuesday : numbers of people unknown : No representative / GSR

Haddington Thursday : 14-20 people : doing well

Tranent Thursday : 6-8 people : doing well 

Tranent Womens Meeting : 7-9 people : doing well 

Melrose Saturday : 7-12 people : No representative / GSR

Jedburgh Tuesday : numbers of people unknown : No representative / GSR

Berwick Sunday : 14-30 people : doing well 

Eyemouth Thursday : 7-9 people : doing well : No representative / GSR

Coldstream Tuesday : 4-6 people : struggling : No representative /GSR

Duns Friday : 10-20 people : doing well There have been allegations of inappropriate behaviour (in relation to an unnamed group in BELI area) brought to the attention of BELI Intergroup. This issue has been noted. 

AOCB Max to liaise with Cliff to organise rental payment to Peebles Community Centre. Next meeting: Sunday 1st March ?? location to be advised. Meeting closed at 1645; Tradition 7 was collected (for rent on the hall); the serenity prayer was said.

Date of next meeting 1st March 2020 at Peebles Community Centre, Walkershaugh, Peebles - 1pm for 1.30pm (Enter by the House at the side of the Community Centre)