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This section is for news and events. 

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It is not currently possible to hold our usual meetings because of the public health emergency. There are no face to face meetings running in our area. 
Many local groups have organised online meetings and you can download a list here. There are at least two locally based online meetings every day. 
You can find information about online meetings generally here: https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/AA-Meetings/Find-a-Meeting/online

Homegroups may be thinking about setting up an online meeting. There is useful guidance here. Please note this document is intended only as guidance - each group is autonomous and must make its own decisions. It is also a draft, and may be modified shortly. It is hoped that it will help groups planning to run an online meeting avoid some pitfalls. 

Other AA events are also affected:

The Northern National Convention at the Norbreck Castle Hotel on 20-22 March is cancelled.
The North East Regional Assembly on 29th March is cancelled.
The AA National Conference, due to take place in April, has been rescheduled for 29th Oct to 1st Nov 2020, at the Park Inn, York. 
The Scottish National Convention, due to take place on 8-10 May in Stirling, is cancelled. 
The South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire Mini-Convention on 7th June has been cancelled.


There are opportunities to carry the message by Prison Service and Public Information Service. for further details, please go the the West Riding Intergroup Page on this website.

The next West Riding Intergroup (WRIG) meeting will be held on Sunday 26th January at the usual venue - Unity Hall, 2 Commercial Street, Morley, Leeds, LS27 8HY  - and the usual time - 10am to 1pm. Intergroup is open to all AA members so please extend this invite to all members of your home group as they will be very welcome to attend as "observers". Please remember, if your usual GSR is unable to attend you can send an alternate homegroup member. There are a number of vacancies for trusted servants - please think if you can help take the message to the still struggling alcoholic by taking on one of these roles. In particular, WRIG needs a new Treasurer. This is an important job - could you help?
AA UK 75 Anniversary Convention
A reminder that the 75th Anniversary Convention is taking place at Leeds Arena on 20-22nd June 2022. It now has its own website: 


To all homegroups - please make sure that any meeting changes are communicated to national AA so that they appear on the national website. You can do this by filling in the "pink form". 

The Farsley meeting is resuming on Saturday 4th January at 7.30pm at the usual venue.

The meeting here has re-started: it is now known as "First 164 Pages" and runs from 7.30 to 8.30pm every Thursday. All meetings are closed. 

Our prison liaison officer would like to remind everyone that there is no minimum sobriety requirement to share in prison. Prison service is extremely rewarding and more sharers are needed. 

 WRIG has a new prison service team and regular meetings are being arranged in Armley, Wakefield, New Hall and Wealstun. They need to recruit up to 8 lead facilitators to help run meetings. Sobriety of approaching 3 years is needed. Training will be provided. 

Other opportunities for prison service
Most members of the Fellowship will be aware of the valuable service provided by AA in the prison system. Here is a chance to do Prison Service without actually going into a prison. Your anonymity is preserved as correspondence goes via an AA postal address. 

Would you like to help support a prisoner, but haven't the time for prison visits? How about becoming an AA prison postal sponsor? Alcoholics Anonymous has been continuously present in UK prisons for more than 50 years and many people, both within the walls and on the outside, have found that AA has made a difference to their lives. The Prison Postal Service enables inmates to correspond with prison sponsors - via our service address ??so that we may share our strength, hope and experience. 
An inmate using this service has said:- "At a meeting recently, my offender manager (probation officer) was very impressed by your organisations help and support, especially with the postal sponsor" 
For further details contact Steve: PPS Request, GSO, PO Box 1, 10 Toft Green, York YO1 7NJ 01904 644026 / aainformation@gsogb.org.uk