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Tyne and Northumbria Intergroup Info Section

Hello and welcome to the Tyne and Northumbria Intergroup Information Section

What is Intergroup?
The aims of an Intergroup is to aid the groups within the Intergroup area in their common purpose of carrying the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic and improving and maintaining good relations with all organisations in the community.  Intergroup meetings in Tyne & Northumbria are held six times a year. Three of these meetings are business meetings and three are topic workshops. One meeting in the year is set aside for the Annual General Meeting at which the years' accounts are reviewed and approved.

Our regular Intergroup Meetings are open to both members of Alcoholics Anonymous and Intergroup Representatives.  

Location and Times:
Intergroup Meetings are held regularly at the Gosforth Quaker Meeting House. The address is: 1 West Ave, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 4ES.  - APRIL 2020: All Intergroups are currently being conducted via online Zoom meetings, until otherwise notified.

Intergroup Meetings:  

18th July
26th September
28th November

23rd January

Tyne & Northumbria Intergroup Officer Contact Information:
To contact any of the Tyne & Northumbria Intergroup Officers please use the email addresses below. These positions are completely voluntary and may not be filled at all times, if you do not receive a timely response, please forward your enquiry to the Chair or Secretary.

Chair chair.tynen@aamail.org
Vice Chair vice-chair.tynen@aamail.org
Secretary secretary.tynen@aamail.org
Treasurer treasurer.tynen@aamail.org
Armed Services Liaison Officer aservices.tynen@aamail.org
Employment Liason Officer employment.tynen@aamail.org
Electronic Communications Liaison Officer ecomm.tynen@aamail.org
Health Liason Officer health.tynen@aamail.org
Prisons Liason Officer prisons.tynen@aamail.org
Probation Liason Officer probation.tynen@aamail.org
Public Information Liason Officer pi.tynen@aamail.org
Telephones Liason Officer telephones.tynen@aamail.org
Archivist archives.tynen@aamail.org
Young Persons Liason Officer youngpersons.tynen@aamail.org
Share Rep share.tynen@aamail.org
Region Rep regionrep.tynen@aamail.org
12 Step Coordinator 12step.tynen@aamail.org
Text Liason Officer text.tynen@aamail.org

If you have a problem with alcohol and want to get help, please see the main microsite page here for our regional text service or local and national telephone numbers. The email addresses above are for Intergroup related purposes only.

Currently Vacant Intergroup Positions/Positions up for rotation:

Employment Liaison Officer
Probation Liaison Officer
Young Persons Liaison Officer
Regional Representative (x2)

For further information, or if  you wish to be nominated for any of the above roles, please inform your home group GSR.  Service Keeps You Sober!

Providing Intergroup Updates:
If you would like to provide an update on your Intergroup post for the Intergroup meeting please email the Secretary and this will be included in the next Intergroup Report.

Registration or updates to Tyne & Northumbria AA Meetings:
If you want to register a new AA Meeting, or update the details of an existing AA Meeting in the Tyne & Northumbria Intergroup Area, you can use the online electronic version of the "Pink Form" by clicking here

If you wish to notify the ECLO of a new open AA Meeting or changes to an existing open meeting listed on the "Find An Open Meeting" page, please email the ECLO with the details.
Intergroup Officers Roles
The explanations below are a rough guide to the main Intergroup Officer posts. More specific and detailed guidelines are found in The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain and The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain. 

These handbooks are available here
Group Service Representative (GSR)
Each AA group can appoint a General Service Representative (GSR) who attends Intergroup meetings.  Working via the Intergroup the GSR is the AA meeting groups' link with the General Service Conference through which groups share experiences and voice AA's collective conscience.  The GSR represents the voice of the group conscience, reporting the groups' wishes to the committee member and to the delegate, who passes them on to the Conference and to the movement of AA. The suggested responsibilities are sharing with their group all fellowship mail, communication and news items, keeping members informed about local service activities, contacts of referral to carry the AA message, can help their group solve problems, can see up to date group information for the directory is sent promptly to the ECLO/GSO, communicate between the group and intergroup, discuss intergroup agenda items with their group, represent and express the group's conscience at intergroup meetings, following intergroup report back to the group, encourage observers to attend intergroup, vote at intergroup meetings and know their group so well that if unexpected matters arise at intergroup he or she will have a fair idea of their group's conscience.
The Chair has responsibility for arranging and conducting the Intergroup meetings both Business/AGM and Topic Workshops as agreed on a Bi-monthly basis. Discussing and agreeing the agenda at a pre-arranged meeting with the other Intergroup Officers before they are published.
Following the meetings the Chair liaises with the secretary to approve the minutes prior to distribution. Support is provided to the officers and the Chair will carry the executive authority of Intergroup but should account for any action taken at the next meeting.
Vice Chair
The Vice-Chair has the responsibility of conducting the meetings in the absence of the Chair and assisting the Chair with all of the above.
The Secretary has the responsibility with the Chair for preparing the agenda and minutes of meetings and for distributing these documents to the groups well before meetings so that there is ample time to discuss the contents. The Secretary deals with all correspondence and keeps in touch with GSO making sure it promptly has a copy of minutes and notice of any change of officer.
The Treasurer has the responsibility of keeping a proper account of all Intergroup finances and ensuring that funds are available for its essential requirements. The Treasurer reports to Intergroup against the budget and surplus funds are transferred promptly to GSO.
Electronic Communications Liason Officer
Is responsible for checking the accuracy of any local information posted on the website (i.e. meeting list addresses and postcodes, local webpage content)

Public Information Officer

Health Liaison Officer

Employment Liaison Officer

Young Peoples Liaison Officer

Armed Services Liaison Officer

Probation Liaison Officer

Prisons Liaison Officer