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Tradition 7

7th June 2023

The 7th Tradition says that "every AA Group ought to be fully self supporting, declining outside contributions."  We have no dues or fees for AA membership, but we do have expenses.

Contributions from Groups and individual members can be sent to Intergroup. Funds not needed by Intergroup to cover local telephone helpline etc. are then sent to Midland Region who pay for insurance, public information etc. and any funds not needed to meet these costs are sent to GSO to meet the costs of financing the Fellowship overall (National Helpline, Website, Admin, Literature and lots more).

Direct bank payments to:
Northamptonshire Intergroup
Ref: Group name 

Cheque payment to:
Northamptonshire Intergroup
Adam G.
Please email: treasurer.nhamp@aamail.org for further details

Cash payment:
Email Adam G: treasurer.nhamp@aamail.org.

Thank you all for your continuing support in meeting our responsibilities to carry the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic.

Adam G.
Northamptonshire Intergroup