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Tradition 7

Just an update as a follow up to Intergroup meeting held online on 1st September 2020.

There has been a good response to Tradition 7 during lockdown from a number of Groups and individual members, this has helped to maintain the minimum responsibilities we have to keep the local Telephone Helpline running and to pass some money through the system to GSO to continue with the costs of the National Telephone Helpline and Chat Now and email services on our website.
There is however a considerable shortfall in overall donations to the Fellowship.
After so many weeks of no physical meetings where the Pot is passed round, now would be a good time for all of us to review what measures we could take to help AA at this difficult time.
Some suggestions:
Group Treasurers might review their Group reserves and consider passing on any excess.
Individual members might look at emptying the "home pots" and passing it on.
Those members who've been putting off making a donation might consider now is a good time.
Online Groups might reiterate the importance of Tradition 7 at all meetings.
AA is reliant on the voluntary contributions of it's members and for this we are responsible.

The preferred method is through Intergroup, however as a temporary measure at this time donations can also be made direct to GSO who offer Gift Aid and PayPal facilities. Full details can be found on this website.
Direct bank payments to Intergroup, please  put Group Name or just "member contribution" as a reference. Cheques can also be sent, please call or email me for details.

Northamptonshire Intergroup 

In fellowship 

Ian C., treasurer.nhamp@aamail.org. , 07853411090