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Suggestions for Online Meetings

Should you wish to start an online meeting as a temporary replacement for your usual face-to-face one, there are a few pieces of software available, see below. Please note that these are commercial products and we have no affiliation with the companies that supply them. Also, neither GSO nor Electronic Comms Subcommittee can offer technical support for any of these packages.

A further word of warning: there are a few websites around claiming to offer AA Online Meetings but have no connection with Alcoholics Anonymous. Some may be genuine, but others may charge fees, while others will require you to download their software, which may contain malware. We strongly recommend that you avoid all of them and join an existing group (above) or create your own online meeting.

Online meeting software


WhatsApp, Group text messaging

Audio and Video

Skype, Zoom, Webex, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Facetime, Google Hangouts

To preserve Anonymity you should check carefully the settings on the below mentioned suggested solutions. Some examples of this may be:

In Settings:

  • Require Encryption for Third Party Endpoints

  • Disable Auto saving chats

  • Disable File transfer

  • Disable Feedback

  • Disable Screen sharing

  • Disable desktop/screen share for users

  • Disable Remote control

  • Disable Local recording

  • Disable Cloud recording

  • Disable Automatic recording

  • Disable Local and Cloud recording features

  • Take care when using your name or email address to log in as these may be displayed at the start of the video call


Free and standard now on many PCs and laptops. Capable of handling meetings with up to 100 participants (just increased from 50). 

Download: https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/

How-to guide here


Free for meetings of up to 40 minutes duration. For longer meetings, one member (the host) must upgrade to the Pro version.

Download: https://zoom.us/download

How-to guide here


Free for up to 100 participants. A WebEx meeting can be started by anyone with an account who then just shares the single meeting link and people can join by simply clicking the link - whether they have an account or not.

Download: https://www.webex.com/

How-to guide here