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SELIG (WEST) MINUTES: 27th May 2020

South East London Intergroup (West)

1.        Call to order / Preamble / Declaration of Unity / Traditions

2.        Apologies for absence Nigel,  Stef

3.        Register / Introductions/ GSR's Reports

Roger (GSR Bermondsey Newcomers Chip Meeting Friday & Telephone & Social Secretary) meeting doing well online. Virtual chips and virtual hugs available.

Anthony (invited guest)

Rory (GSR Forest Hill Newcomers) doing very well. Newcomers showing up to online meeting. 

Catherine (GSR Lambeth Women‚??s Meeting in Kennington & Responder & 12th Sep List Co-ordinator) meeting successfully moved online.

Helen (ECLO) Nothing To Report

Mary (GSR Tuesday, 12:30) going well. 

Mick (Treasurer)

Nadira (Secretary)

Neil (West Norwood Newcomers Meeting Saturday Morning, 9am) successfully moved online. Self-supporting. Sending money up to GSO.

Gordon (Chair) 

Stephen (PI Officer, Region Rep for London South & GSR for Monday Kennington Step Meeting) meeting has not moved online.

Will (GSR Woolworth Young at Heart Big Book Study) successfully moved online. Financially solvent.

4.        Minutes of previous intergroup meeting.

        a)  True record:   Yes          b)  Matters arising:   None

5.       Service Reports 

(Chair) Gordon 

  • report circulated. 
  • It was proposed and accepted that those in service positions which have become vacant (e.g. Chair) should stay on in positions as caretakers until positions can be officially filled. 
  • groups still need to be reminded of the indispensability of Tradition 7. 
  • An unlisted AA meeting is being held in a Fellow‚??s garden within the SELIG(W) area, with social distancing measures in place. Contact Gordon for more details.

Secretary (Nadira) NTR

Treasurer (Mick)

  • Large deficits for last two financial quarters for GSO
  • Proposal to send ¬£500 up to GSO. All in favour.
  • Does Gift Aid accord with Tradition 7? Yes, according to GSO.

PI (Stephen)

  • Scheduled online presentation to medical students

Region Reps (Stephen & Nadira)

  • Next Region meeting on 7th of June
  • LRS assembly report from March circulated 

ECLO (Helen)

  • Contacted RECLO. Next meeting on 16th of June

Telephone Liaison (Roger)

  • AA Southern Service Office closed
  • 12 Step calls have remained stable during COVID-19 lockdown
  • Overall calls have increased

Responder & 12th Sep List Co-ordinator (Catherine)

  • 12 Step calls coming in at a similar rate to pre-lockdown

Archives (Rory)

  • SELIG(E) produced a survey about how AAs are coping under lockdown, which is currently on the official AA UK website. Great success.
  • 220 people have completed the survey to date

Share Rep (Helen, covering)

  • NTR

Social Secretary (Roger)

  • Options for convention: cancel, postpone till September 2021 or hold a SELIG(W) virtual convention
  • Virtual option: via Zoom, speakers, could run speakers concurrently, in breakout rooms. Would need to pay for Business Zoom account.
  • Vote taken for holding the convention online. 7 in favour. 0 against. 1 abstention.
  • Secretary to coordinate meeting for convention volunteers with Soc Sec

6. Vacancies

Share Rep (currently covered)

Young Persons Liaison


Vice Chair

Region Rep

7. Elections

8. AOB

  • LONDYPAA convention will be held online. Flyer to be circulated.
  • Roger to hold the next intergroup meeting using his Zoom account
  • PI to let Sec know about the next PI meeting 

9. Tradition 7

Intergroup bank details displayed (Lloyds Bank: 30-91-54/0249 7259)

Serenity Prayer / Meeting close 9:00pm 

10. Date of next intergroup meeting Wednesday 29th July 2020

11. Date of next Health & PI Meeting: TBC

South East London Intergroup (West) contact information:-