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We now have some additional vacancies for service positions as a result of a number of service commitments coming to the end of their term. If all are agreeable, it may be a good idea however if those members who would now otherwise be rotating out of service, to continue as caretakers of those service positions for the time being until we eventually meet up and new members can hopefully be appointed. 

I would also like to stress again the situation regarding AA finances following the letter addressed to the Fellowship from York earlier this year asking members to consider increasing the normal ‚??pound in the pot‚?Ě contribution at meetings to what is personally affordable. 

The reason for this request is as a result of contributions to York over the last two years having fallen considerably. In declining outside contributions, Tradition 7 keeps us free from outside obligations. However this does place a responsibility on the individual member if they have some money, not to skimp on the pot when it goes round so as to ensure the helping hand of AA is always there for those who need it. Please continue to remind your groups of this!!

Yours in fellowship,

Gordon B, SELIG (West) Chair


Richard F, archivist of SELIG (East) has initiated a project to capture members experience of AA and recovery during the lockdown which has now been adopted across London. 

The questionnaire Alcoholics Anonymous during Lockdown in London - Your Experiences will create an anonymous record of how AA members have coped during COVID-19 including online meetings, Tradition 7 and 12th Step work. 

The survey form will be hosted by the current AA London website and the link should be live by the time of the May Intergroup meeting.

A meeting, probably by Zoom to progress our contribution to the 75th anniversary publication is being planned.

Rory O C, Archivist, SELIG (West)


Dear All

At our last Intergroup I reported our balance of 24th  January was 1 thousand and 378.01 pounds

We agreed not to send any moneyto Region. From Jan 24th - To 11th May Outgoing: 132.72

Incomings: 402.33 pounds

Current Balance: 1 thousand and 647.62 pounds

I propose our Intergroup considers sending  500.00 pounds to Region.  

In Fellowship

Mick Burt Treasurer SELIG (West)



All figures for this 2nd quarter 2019 / 2020 

Group & Intergroup contributions: 142 356 pounds

Personal contributions (legacies): 17  007 pounds

Group & Intergroup gratitude contributions: 4  304 pounds

Gift aid and Covenant contributions: 1  886 pounds

Conventions contributions:  907 pounds

Interest on investments: 11  396 pounds

Income from Conferences: 3  960 pounds

Income from Publications:  145  048 pounds

75th Anniversary Event: 4  942 pounds

Total Income for the 2nd Quarter was 331  805 pounds


All figures for this 2nd quarter 2019 / 2020 

Below is a random selection of costs primarily centred on the Primary Purpose work.

Cost of Publications:  85 639 pounds

Meeting and Travel: 45 183 pounds

Computer and Website:  8  675 pounds

Telephones:  6  757 pounds

Postage and Package:   17  052 pounds

Attending Professional Conferences:  1  638  pounds

Professional Charges :  13  187  pounds

Share & Roundabout:  2  826  pounds

Public Information: 1  265  pounds

Publications placed: 12  209 pounds

Total Expenditure for the 2nd Quarter was: 425  382 pounds


Total income for 2nd quarter:- 331  805 pounds  

Total Expenditure 2nd quarter:- 425  382 pounds

The Charity‚??s 2nd quarter Income over Expendure leaves a  deficit of  93  577 pounds

1st Quarter to 2nd Quarter 2020 Comparison

1st Quarter2nd Quarter

Income:  371  893 pounds  331  805 pounds

Expenditure: 399 001  pounds  425  382 pounds

Surplus / Deficit: 27  110 pounds   93  577  pounds


As can be seen from the comparison table above the deficit fo the 2nd quarter is very similar to the 1st quarter deficit giving the Charity a year to date deficit of  120  865 pounds

During this period of unprecedented turmoil, the flow of money to General Service Office (GSO) through the normal service structure being severely disrupted.  With the ongoing COVID19 government restrictions causeing to a hietus of Tradition 7 money being being processed through the AA Service Structure in the normal manner. 

To assist with this flow of money the AA Website has set up a process for sending money to York.  It can be found within the Covid 19 advice section of the website https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/Members/Donations   within the members area.

The GSB understands that there is great financial pressure on our members at the moment, so there is no requirement to contribute what cannot be afforded 

Another way to pass money forward is by opening a Gift Aid account for the benefit of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Gift Aid forms are available from the Management Accountant at GSO or from the AAGB website:- 


Making sure that we have sufficient funds to continue supporting local groups and funding services like the helpline in times like these are vital 

So I appeal to the Fellowship to increase their contributions to the Charity in-line with the request, highlighted in the Financial Information letter and the 2020 Gratitude letter which have been circulated to the Fellowship via Regional and Intergroup Treasurers.

Not withstanding the comments above, on behalf of the General Service Board I would like to thank the Fellowship for their contributions and continued support to the Charity.

Brian J

Hon. Treasurer