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LNKIG Minutes

Minutes from Intergroup meeting 6th May 2020

Minutes for meeting of London North Kent Intergroup by Zoom 7pm Wednesday 6th May

 Welcome and Preamble  

 Gemma opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Tracey read the preamble.

 Moment‚??s silence

 The group had a moment‚??s silence to welcome the still suffering alcoholic both inside and outside of the rooms.

 Apologies for Absence 

 Yvonne, Scott

 Minutes of Previous Meeting

Were approved


The following vacancies are still vacant:

¬∑         Telephone liaison officer

¬∑         Public information officer

¬∑         Health Liaison officer

¬∑         Prison/ probation liaison

Please ask your groups if anyone would like to participate.

Officer Reports

Chairwoman ‚?? nothing to report

Secretary ‚?? nothing to report

YPLO ‚?? Scott was unable to make the meeting


Clare read through her finance report.

The finance report is attached.  A motion to send ¬£530.10 was approved.  Thanks to Clare.

Share Liaison

Gav had continued to promote Share magazine. He had being working on how to send more copies of share magazine into prison. York was looking into publishing share online.  Thanks to Gav.

PI and Health Liaison

Clare had not been able to much due to the lockdown.


Brian gave an overview of activity in the telephone office. Calls had gone up by 20% in lockdown.

Please continue to pass to groups the need for 12th step responders, 12th steppers and people to work in the office in London.

Please don‚??t forget that Brian is stepping down and we need a new TLO! 2 years sobriety is needed.  Thanks to Brian.


Thanks to Mark for the website work.  He had been updating with news of Zoom meetings.

Date and Time of next meeting

Wednesday 1st July 2020 at 7pm by Zoom

Serenity prayer

The meeting ended with the serenity prayer.