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LNKIG Minutes

Minutes of North Kent Intergroup meeting at 730pm Wednesday 6">th November 2019

Welcome and Preamble

Gemma opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

New GSRs

Three new GSRs introduced themselves:

Peter - Bromley Lunchtime

Andy - Sidcup Thursday 

Nick - Burnt Ash Lane

Minutes of previous meeting

Were approved and seconded 

Apologies for absence 

Danny, Patricia, Mark, Steve, Maria, Trish, Alan N, Alan, Angela


Archivist ?? Nick volunteered  - thanks to Nick for agreeing to do this service.

YPLO - 'Ginger' Scott volunteered to be YPLO

Officers reports

Chairwoman / Secretary

Gemma and James had no info to pass on.


Clare read the Financial report.

Clare suggested sending £1435.98 to Head Office.  Approved.

Share Liaison

Gav has done lots of work promoting share. He has lots of share magazines for prisons and rehab and is going to a workshop in York for SL officers.

Gav has sent share magazines for distribution to lady's prisons.

Public Information - Clare.

Clare and Brian had attended a meeting In the Houses of Parliament for professionals on AA.  This went very well.

Clare will be attending a PI event at the Maudsley.

Questions for conference - Iain 

Iain encouraged groups to start thinking about questions for conference.  Please can GSRs start working with their groups on questions to send to conference 

Orpington convention

Paula gave an overview on the Orpington Convention which was a great success.

They had managed to make about £400 profit for this year 

Conference went really well

The food was excellent 

£235 collected in the pot for Clare

The group had a discussion around Tradition 7 and payment to the Church for the use of the facilities.  

ECLO/website - Mark

Mark had been updating the website - any extra information about Christmas meetings/ New Year meeting s would be useful.

Telephone Liaison Officer - Brian

Brian had sent the telephone liaison report with these minutes.

Please can people volunteer for various telephone service vacancies. 

Brian is standing down as Telephone Liaison Officer - please can you ask your groups if anyone would like to be TLO.   We also need 12th step responders and people to help out at Head Office

Nick offered to help with names for responders in the Bexleyheath area.


Tea for next meeting - James will do this  

Meeting closed with serenity prayer.

Date of next meeting.  

Wednesday 8th January 2020