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Coronavirus and AA meetings

Corona Virus and AA meetings
4 May:  Please do not attend any physical AA meetings!  I've been informed that some AA groups are still meeting - PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!  It goes against all Government guidelines about social distancing which are for the benefit of all of us, whether alcoholic or not.  Anyone attending a public gathering can spread the Corona virus - and many alcoholics may be vulnerable themselves or they may spread the virus to other vulnerable members of the community.  There are plenty of online AA meetings to attend so please use these instead.  There is a list of online meetings in London which can be found by clicking here: Or just go to: https://alcoholicsanonymouslondon.com/ 

Using Zoom & preserving anonymity:

Many AAs are now using Zoom for online meetings but unfortunately some meetings have been hacked into by internet trolls who've displayed some unpleasant material.  And of course this breaks everyone's anonymity. If you are a 'host' on Zoom - ie you open up the meeting - I have produced some easy to use guidelines for how to change your Zoom settings to prevent this happening.  It will take you 2 mins to do it - and I can talk you through it if you would like.  Just email me with your phone number and I'll call you.

Your identity on Zoom meetings: If you join a Zoom meeting make sure your phone, laptop, tablet, etc doesn't show your full name - change it to just your first name.  It's helpful for the host if you do give it a name; I can't tell you the times, as a host, I have to ask 'iPad' to share!  It would nice to be able to at least call out a name!

Sponsoring people (this is guidance for 'mutual aid groups' issued by Public Health England: Only in exceptional circumstances should an individual sponsor visit a sponsee to provide 1:1 support at home. They should both then follow the same precautions as are required of essential services i.e. stay at least 2m apart in an adequately ventilated area, both wash hands, don't go if either party is showing any symptoms of the virus, don't visit people who are self-isolating because they have COVID 19 symptoms, don't visit those who are being shielded because they are highly vulnerable or if the sponsor themselves is from a vulnerable group.

Tradition 7 (the AA 'Pot'):

you can make contributions to AA by online banking.  Send to:  Account name: The General Service Board, Sort Code: 40-47-31, Account number: 63930408. Or post a cheque to: AA, 10 Toft Green, York YO1 7NJ. Remember to add the account name, account number and sort code.  Gift Aid is a very efficient way of giving to AA as the amount you donate as the Government increases that amount to 25% for charities (which AA is) - making your donation go further. The form for this can be found here .

The London Telephone Service office is now closed (0207 407 0700).  All calls to that number are now receiving a message saying that if the caller is seeking help for their drinking to call the AA Helpline number (0800 9177 650).  These calls are being picked up by other Regional helplines.  Twelve step callers are having their details taken and passed on to our London responders, who then distribute them in the usual way.   

Barbara, London Region South Electronic Communications Officer.  

e: ecomm.ls@aamail.org