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Conference 2020/2021

Conference is currently set for April 16th-18th 2021, 
should circumstances allow!

The conference steering committee has selected 3 questions in addition to those selected for 2020, which was postponed due to coronavirus restrictions.

In early 2021, each Intergroup will be visited by a Conference delegate on the following dates:


Next Intergroup meeting

(Presentation to IG and distribute question templates)

Follow up meeting

(Collection of responses)

North Kent (NKIG)

Weds 6th Jan

Weds 3rd March

Croydon, Epsom and Surrey  (CESIG)

Tues 2nd Feb

Tues 6th April

South East (East)(SELIGe)

Weds 13th Jan

Weds 10th March

South East (West)(SELIGw)

Weds 27th Jan

Weds 31st March

South London (SLIG)

Tues 9th Feb

Tues 13th April

South West (SWIG)

Fri 22nd Jan

Fri 26th March

The new questions can be found in the Winter edition of AA Service News. (Click here)

Further information can be found in our Document Library, go to: 
(Members> Document Library)
in the Conference Reports and Background  folder

You can submit any responses to Conference questions via your group's GSR or you can email: conference.ls@aamail.org

You can also email conference.ls@aamail.org if you would like a Conference Delegate to visit your AA meeting.

This page is likely to be updated, so do check back!