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Chit meetings

The confirmation of attendance system, often called ‚??the chit system‚?? is simply a scheme to let people have some document to show that they have attended a particular meeting. That person can then give the confirmation to offender managers, Social Services, an employer or any other body.

The system was endorsed by Conference 1987 as being within the Traditions, and operates without compromising anyone‚??s anonymity. It is up to the person requesting the chits to report on themselves to whoever is supervising them.

The following meetings operate the chit system:

  • Chiswick Sober Feet, Monday, 18:00
  • Chiswick Turnham Green As Bill Sees It Newcomers, Tuesday, 19:30
  • Hammersmith Early Morning, Thursday, 08:15
  • Notting Hill Lunchtime There Is A Solution, Monday, 12:30
  • Notting Hill: How's Your Head?, Thursday, 19:30
  • Notting Hill A Vision For You, Friday, 19:30
  • Shepherds Bush, Wednesday, 20:00
See the London Westway Intergroup Meetings page for more details of these meetings.