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PI (Public Information)

PI is the public relations work of Alcoholics Anonymous and aims to promote goodwill and provide a network of services for all professional organisations and the media.  

The aim of PI is to improve communications with professionals and the public sector and show how we can cooperate with your organisations in providing a free service to help with the growing problem of alcoholism.  

West End Intergroup has formed a P.I. committee. This allows our Intergroup to pool resources to better carrying the message of recovery to the still suffering alcoholic by informing the general public in our intergroup about the AA program.

The P.I. committee is comprised of intergroup service officers and GSRā??s. The committee meets immediately after West End Intergroup in the same room. Current P.I. projects are discussed along with new ideas on how to best carrying the message of recovery within our intergroup. The P.I. committee is accountable to West End Intergroup reports back on its activities and expenditure.

Any member is welcome to observe, join or participate in the P.I. committee. If you wish to do so just stay on after Intergroup or ask one of our service officers for more information.

AA offers speakers to share their experience and give information talks at institutions such as hospitals, schools, educational institutions, businesses and anyone who would like such a service. For more information contact