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setting up an aa email account

 1. register with the confidential directory:
3. look up your email address here
 follow these instructions

for help email alan m:


go to

then input your username (your aa email address)  & password

email on iPhone

go to settings select passwords & accounts select add account

select other

select add mail account

input for both the incoming and the outgoing servers

fill in username (email address) and password for both incoming and outgoing servers

save to add the account

while still in settings>mail>accounts 

select your new account 

click the new account to view its options

at the top of the page, under IMAP click your new account to enter the account page

click advanced at the bottom to open the advanced settings page

on the advanced page under incoming settings switch on use SSL

set authentication to password

set server port to 993

browse back to previous accounts page and click done