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Oakwood Mondays 22 July - 26 September
Meeting in main church, not the hall at the side of the church

Muswell Hill has a new Thursday lunchtime meeting 1pm - 2pm
St Andrew's Church Alexandra Park Road N10 2DE 
with fellowship afterwards at Owens 

new newcomers meeting sundays 1930 - 2100 enfield highway community centre EN3 5JF

new big book step meeting fridays 1900 - 2000 muswell hill methodist church N10 1PP

new meditation meeting mondays 0930 - 1030 saint marks church EN1 1BE

thoughts from our intergroup meetings

we can talk briefly, from time to time, at meetings about service at intergroup

mention this site, from time to time, to your spondees and at meetings

we can invite our sponsees to attend intergroup

we can use conference questions to involve more members in intergroup

outgoing intergroup members can sponsor new members into their roles 

email your feedback, ideas, suggestions or meeting news to alan m: