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Online meetings

For the most up to date list of meeting information kindly visit https://aa-london.com/ 

When the lockdown Part I kicked off in March 2020, the following meetings were setup.

Unless otherwise stated the password is 040420 for each of these meetings

Mondays 09:20 Enfield Monday Morning Meditation 818-806-048

Mondays 20:00 Oakwood Monday 684-148-275

Tuesdays 13:00 Bush Hill Park Reflections 970-0685-2512

 Tuesdays 20:00 Muswell Hill Tuesday 300-165-278

 Wednesdays 18:30 Muswell Hill Meditation 708-450-409

 Thursdays 13:00 Muswell Hill Thursday Lunchtime 432-140-883

 Thursdays 16:00 Big Book Women 538-765-876 no password

Fridays 13:30 Muswell Hill Women's Big Book 940-634-287 no password

Fridays 20:00  East Finchley 253-983-289

 Saturdays 10:00 Muswell Hill Sober on Saturday 195-793-581

 Saturdays 19:45 Chase Farm Hospital 798-942-721

 Sundays 20:00 Recovery, Unity, Service 958-269-179