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Members' Area

The Probation/Criminal Justice Services Sub-Committee


The overall aim of the sub-committee is to raise awareness of the work of the Probation and Criminal Justice Services in Great Britain throughout the Fellowship.

The sub-committee consists of five members, one of whom is the General Service Board Trustee with responsibility for Probation/Scottish Criminal Justice Services Liaison and who also chairs the sub-committee. Each member has responsibility for liaising with a number of geographically adjacent AA Regions, with one member liaising with the Scottish Regions, so as to offer support and encouragement in the filling of Liaison Officer posts, and establishing working relationships with local Probation and Scottish Social Services Offices. This involves contact with Regional Liaison Officers, receiving reports from them, offering to give presentations at Regional and Intergroup Assemblies, and being available for discussion and advice. In addition, sub-committee members may also be asked to attend national events relating to Probation and Criminal Justice Services, on behalf of the Fellowship.

To adhere to the principle of rotation, but also to allow for continuity, two of the sub-committee members will serve for a period of three years and two members for four years ( the Secretary serves for four years). It is recommended that they have at least five years continuous sobriety and experience in Probation/Criminal Justice Services liaison at either Region or Intergroup level.

The sub-committee meets three times a year, including the annual meeting of Regional Liaison Officers, and members have monthly and ad hoc contact by email in between meetings.

The sub-committee's specific objectives and ongoing work are as follows:

  • Implement the recommendations of the 2012 Probation/Criminal Justice Services Seminar
  • Produce a Scottish edition of the Probation/Criminal Justice Services Information Handbook
  • Produce a periodic newsletter for the Fellowship
  • Support the development and sharing of good practice
  • Support Regional Liaison Officers
  • Organise and facilitate the annual Regional Liaison Officers held in York
  • Maintain links with Prison Liaison Officers
  • Strengthen links with the National Offender Management Service
  • Seek liaison with national organisations such as the Probation Chiefs' Association and the Probation Association
  • Make regular contributions to AA Service News

The sub-committee can be contacted through the following email addresses:

Probation Seminar 2012

The seminar that was held on 16 June 2012 was attended by Intergroup and Region Probation and Criminal Justice Services Liaison Officers from throughout the country. The report of the seminar is in the Document Library. Click here

Members' Personal Probation Stories 

It is intended to develop a section which contains the personal accounts of members who have been subject to supervision by the Probation/Criminal Justice Services and attended AA meetings whilst this was taking place. The first of these stories has been written and is temporarily situated in the Document Library under 'Prison, Probation, Social Services.'  Click here