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Special events

Saturday 9 November 2019 Mary Ward House WC1H 9SN

Free hands-on service workshop and complimentary lunch

Applying the 12 traditions and the 12 concepts to real life challenges in AA

A practical guide to PI: how to make PI calls, how to do PI walkabouts 

0930 Doors open for complimentary refreshments

1000 Introductions and housekeeping

 Session 1 Applying the Traditions and Concepts to problems in AA  

Refresher on the Traditions and Concepts

Challenges encountered at Group level and beyond

Applying the Traditions and Concepts to solve these challenges

Working through problem-based challenges and sharing ideas

If you have had specific service-related problems please email these to Nico


 1120 Break for complimentary refreshments

1140 Announcements

Session 2 Carrying out Public Information work

PI demo: going into shops, institutions, making calls

Familiarisation with key items of literature

Opportunity to make PI calls and visits

 1250 Wrap up and feedback