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Service Team Noticeboard

At the next Intergroup Meeting on February 7th 2019 the Glasgow Northwest Intergroup ECLO will be doing some demonstrations of the microsite and will be helping all Service Officers to request their AA email addresses. If you are a Liaison Officer or part of the Intergroup Service Team and you don't have an AA email address ending in please come along at 6.30pm on the 7th or request your email address here - Helpdesk Request

Once you get your AA email address, or if you already have one please make sure you also have access to AA FileStore this means you will have an online storage location to put documents so that when you rotate out of your role the next officer has the historical information.

It is also recommended that you submit your details to the confidential directory once you have your AA email address. Speak to the GNWI ECLO to get your details added.

For more information on your particular discipline, go to this LINK and select your position from the left navigation bar.

If you are already included in the directory you can access it here
The directory is not to be used as a mailing list for any purpose outside AA, nor should it be used for any form of solicitation, commercial venture or personal gain. At all times the directory shall be used in a way which is in keeping with principles of fairness, accuracy and in accordance with the law.