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Search 'online' to see all currently registered online meetings (updated daily)

Online Meetings

It is often said that "nothing beats the live show!" but there may be times when you can't make a meeting so remember it is possible to attend one online

Go to the Meetings Page and type online into the Where? field to find a list of available meetings

You must have a Skype account and message the Skype contact ten minutes before the meeting start (Skype Contact names are given on the page) and they will add you to the meeting

Online Meeting Directory - Coronavirus Update

The Electronics Communication Team at GNWIG have been working flat out to create a SUPER Global Directory of English-Speaking Virtual Meetings throughout various Time-Zones. You are able to submit your group information from the below link - we ask that this is contained within the UK/Ireland surroundings for the time being to allow us to continue adding world-wide accessible meetings from the information we have readily available at the moment.

SUBMIT Group Details

Based on the information you provide, it will be populated onto a spreadsheet which you will be able to view in the below link!

Global (English-Speaking) Virtual Meeting Directory

7th Tradition

It is important to note that in light of many Groups opting to switch to Virtual Meetings, members can make direct contributions to GSO (York) by Bank Transfer using the following details:

For the Account of: The General Service Board
Sortcode: 40-47-31
Account Number: 63930408

13 Parliament Street

Step-By-Step on How to Use Zoom
For those people unfamiliar with Zoom, who would like to join online meetings this guide will help you.
1.You can attend the meeting on your phone or laptop
2.If using your phone, go to the app store, search for Zoom and download
3.If using a laptop/tablet, follow this link to Download Zoom
4.Once downloaded click on the Zoom icon on your phone, laptop or tablet
5.Click on 'Join a Meeting' about five minutes before the meeting is due to start
6.Type in the Meeting ID that has been shared
7.It is advisable to use headphones so that background noise is minimised

YouTube: How to use Zoom