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March Intergroup Draft Minutes


Glasgow North West Intergroup Meeting, 5th March 2020, Partick Burgh Hall 7.30pm

Opening In the usual manner, by Arthur (chair), Lusmila (vice-chair) read Tradition 3 and Concept 3, minutes taken by Paula (secretary)

Apologies  Karen, Angie, Marnie, Louise and Jean (Wed St Simon), Steve (Archivist)

Attendance  21 voting members, 5 visitors.  Quorum of 14.  See attached attendance sheet.

Minutes from previous meeting  Proposed by Charlie, seconded by Linda and now adopted as official minutes. *Amendment made to contributions total.

Secretary  Email sent to Roundabout secretary to confirm Micheles representation at the upcoming Roundabout Liaison Officers Workshop.  Received a call from Ann-Marie from the Glasgow office asking that people with liaison officer roles set up an official AA email account and that they update their information on the Confidential Directory.  Out of date and inaccurate information on the Directory cost A.A. money with mail being returned.  GSO has sent a letter asking the Fellowship to consider increasing the normal contribution amount (£ 1) to what is personally affordable, to help the Charity to continue its Primary Purpose Work Printing and postage was £5.

Treasurer  14 groups contributed £1,910.  The Audit will take place this month, outcome available at next meeting in May.  Our Public Liability Insurance has been renewed.  Copies of policy confirmation will be kept by the secretary.  A suggestion was made to put a copy on the microsite.

Public Information  Vacant. Please take to your groups.

Prisons  2 meetings, 5 prisoners attended.  Expenses of  £ 16.00.  Report received as follows Paul is on holiday at the moment and we have no planed meetings for March at this time.  I have been in communication with Heather at Lowmoss and I have arranged a meeting for Wednesday the 25th of March to be introduced as the new prison liaison officer?.

Health  Report received as follows Thanking everyone for their service at Stobhill and Gartnavel (all going well) always looking for volunteers etc. Contact Barry
Gartnavel is now 1930-2030 on a Friday night contact Barry or Nicola Eriskay 1300-1400 on a Saturday.  Introduce Nicola from Kershaw and can IG clarify some issues around service (this was done offline after the meeting). Health Liaison workshop 21st March in York. Unfortunately, too short notice so I will be unable to attend.  Roundabout details passed.  Cheque received from IG to pay subscription £ 480 for 40 copies per month.  Garscube have been calling to say AA has not been attending. I will update group and pass to relevant person.?

Criminal Justice  Jim proposed into role by Noleen and seconded by Charlie.  Jim has spoken with Hugh from Region regarding the role.  Michele and Charlie both offered to 12 step Jim.  All wish him well in his position.

Employment  Report received as follows  Draft Glasgow North West Intergroup ELO manual has been created.  ELO has contacted the AA Board Trustee for Employment and Armed Services in Greenwich who is passing on contacts of fellows that are willing to help in her role. ELO is has queried with ECLO whether her ELO team building flier could be posted on our AA webpage to continue developing support with this work.?

YPLO  Reminder of the upcoming workshop ??The Group??, being held on the 15th March.  Flyer previously circulated, details are also on the microsite.

Telephone  Report received as follows  The new system continues be working well.  Responders, please do not worry if you have not already been approached - your turn will come.  Any problems/ queries please contact Maggie.  If anyone is interested in manning the helpline or 12 stepping please contact Maggie.?

Additional information, Sean from Region attended the meeting and made a passionate plea for responders and 12 steppers.  There are currently 280 responders on the Scottish Helpline.  There is a 12 step list that is used purely by call responders on the night.  As another vital service please consider giving service here.  1 year suggested sobriety requirement as a responder and as a 12 stepper.


Reminder, the contact name and number that is in the Where To Find is responsible for either 12 stepping or organising a 12 stepper for the call.  See full explanation on page 1 of the Where To Find.


Roundabout  Vacant.

ILO  Karen visited Springburn Thursday night to offer some information on GNWI.  She also has a small team of 3-4 people helping.

ECLO  Report received as follows  Noticeboard has been updated with the flyer that Amreeta sent me.  I continue to try and solve the coding problems.  Also can I just remind all the service officers to check the Service Team Noticeboard as there are instructions on there to request an email address. When I get the minutes I have to remove the phone numbers, but if LOs had an AA email address I would be able to include that as it doesnt breach GDPR?.

Please note, there is now a live service called Chat Now, if you are interested in providing service in this area please contact Kirstie.  Suggested sobriety time is 3 years, responders will be 12 stepped.  You must have use of a laptop or pc ?? the service is not compatible with mobile phones at this time.

Social Convenor  Walter and Linda have made a provisional booking at the Maryhill Burgh Halls for the 2021 Place of Safety.  A small committee has been established.  It was voted in favour by a large majority of 16 that a cheque for £ 300 will be issued tonight to secure the venue.

Region  Report received as follows  All 5 intergroups are reporting on low attendance.  Tracey (YP) reported 3 vacancies on the YP Subcommittee. A budget of £ 1,000 was agreed for the YP Convention.  Sean (Telephones) Is to attend the Scottish Helpline Committee and bring a report to the next Region Assembly. He also asks intergroups if he could be invited to give a short presentation on the VITAL service.  Hugh (Criminal Justice) Is to have a meeting with the Sheriffs about the chit system in general and an AA presence in court and bring a report to the next meeting.  He is pleading for assistance as he has only one CJLO to assist him.

Fiona (SNCC) reported no problems on the Convention progress.  Glasgow Region has only one delegate on the Committee and rotates off in June. The Region now requires 3 delegates for the future.   Conference The Questions meetings are now complete and all answers will be discussed at the Pre Conference Meeting 12 noon on Sunday 8/3/20.

Tam was elected as Regional Archivist.  Sandy was elected as Regional Employment LO.  Vacancies at Region Public Information, Prisons, Electronic Communications, Roundabout.

Date of next meeting 12 noon 8/3/20 Pre Conference.?

Archivist  Report received as follows  I have prepared a word document for volunteers to be used to collect old-timer memories in a reasonably standarised way.  I can supply it in hard copy or electronically.?

AOB  AA Spring Service News is out and details all subcommittee vacancies.  The 2020 Membership Survey will be posted with the next edition (Summer 2020).  Also, you can share your experience with regarding service in the Fellowship, contributions are welcomed from all areas ?? individuals, groups intergroups, region etc.

LO Reports  Please aim to submit well in advance, at least 1-2 weeks prior to Intergroup.  The intention of this is so these can be distributed by email, printed off and taken to your groups for discussion and then reported back at the meeting.

There will be no meeting held in April as the building is unavailable.

Next meeting on Thursday 7th May at 7.30pm


Meeting closes with the Serenity Prayer