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Intergroup Vacancies

Current Vacancies

1. Growing into Service (from the pamphlet Growing into Service) Alcoholics Anonymous is more than a set of principles; it is a Fellowship of alcoholics in action. Service is at the centre of every AA concept and activity. It is as fundamental to AA as abstinence is to sobriety. Without this giving of oneself to another, there would be no Fellowship. This desire to serve improves recovery. As newcomers, we see people giving time, energy and love in the service of the Fellowship, and it is suggested that we too should become involved. Those of us who have done this will tell you of the enormous benefits we have received by willingly stepping into service. A great paradox of AA is that rewards come when we begin to forget ourselves.

Armed Services Liaison Officer

This position is now open and full details of what is expected can be found in Chapter Two of the AA Service Handbook

The role of the ASLO is to establish and maintain communication between Alcoholics Anonymous and The Royal Navy, The Army and The Royal Air Force and to report back at all levels within intergroup or region. It is also important to cultivate similar contact and communication with Community Welfare Officers and organisations such as Soldiers,Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) and Veterans-UK.

Familiarity with the local area and a thorough working knowledge of the AA Service Handbook for Great Britain are vital before accepting the role of Armed Services Liaison Officer.



Prison Liaison Officer

This position is now open and full details of what is expected can be found in Chapter Eight of the AA Service Handbook 

Responsibility for sponsorship of prison groups has been placed by Conference with the Intergroup and is exercised through the Intergroup Prison Liaison Officer. As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous you are there by permission of the Governor and staff and it must be remembered that every Governor, although working within a national framework, has the right of decision in his or her own institution. Familiarity with prisons in the local area and a thorough knowledge of the AA Service and Structure Handbooks for Great Britain are vital before accepting the role of Prison Liaison Officer

Intergroup Secretary

The SECRETARY has the responsibility with the Chair for preparing the agenda and minutes of meetings and for distributing these documents to the Groups well before meetings so that there is ample time to discuss the contents. The Secretary deals with all correspondence, passing for example requests for speakers to outside organisations to the Public Information Officer or a suitable member. The Secretary keeps in touch with the General Service Office making sure that it promptly has a copy of the minutes and notice of any change of officer.

Glasgow Northwest Region Representative

There is a position open to represent the Intergroup at Region. Come along to the next Intergroup to find out what this entails.

If you are interested in any of these roles please contact the Glasgow Northwest Intergroup or attend intergroup to express your interest (Intergroup is held on the first Thursday of each month 7:30 Partick Burgh Halls)

Get involved in service

Glasgow North West Intergroup encourages members of the fellowship to get involved in service.  We hold a regular Service Team meeting where AA members interested in getting involved in day to day service are welcome to attend.

These service commitments range from distributing posters to speaking at public meetings, schools, hospitals and Rehabs.

Please note that there may be a length of sobriety requirement for some commitments and that responsibility for choosing AAs to fulfil a commitment is at the discretion of the appropriate Liaison Officer and ultimately Intergroup.

Upcoming Meetings

If you are interested in Service, the service meetings will be one hour before the Intergroup each month. Come along and chat to the Service Officers and the Intergroup Chair if you are interested.