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EIG Meeting News and Updates

List Essex Intergroup meetings (Online & Physical)  - fits on single A4 sheet 

Advising GSO of changes

Use the online "Pink Form" to notify GSO of meeting changes (these notes provide guidance)
or alternatively print the paper "Pink Form" complete by hand and then post to the address at the top of the form

If you only need to change a few details then you may find it easier to email groupinformation@gsogb.org.uk or alternatively phone on 01904 644026   

Advising EIG of changes

Whenever the GSR for a meeting changes or you have made changes to GSO information please also email ecomm.essex@aamail.org 
Use the EIG Group Form PDF if you need a blank template for making quarterly EIG meeting returns including 12 step list

If you want to add or correct anything on this page e-mail: ecomm.essex@aamail.org