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Glossary of Terms

Conf Conference 

CDs Conference Delegates 

ER Eastern Region 

Essex Essex Intergroup 
FEN Fenland Intergroup 

GSB General Service Board 

GSO General Service Office (York) 

GSR Group Service Representative 

IG Intergroup 

LV Lee Valley Intergroup 

MKIG Milton Keynes Intergroup 

NEA North East Anglia Intergroup 

NHIG North Herts Intergroup 

NTIG North Thames Intergroup  
RA Regional Assembly 

RASLO Regional Armed Services Liaison Officer 

RCHAIR Chairperson 

RECLO Regional Electronic Communication Liaison Officer 

REG REP or RR Region Representative 

RELO Regional Employment Liaison Officer 

RF Regional Forum 

RHLO Regional Health Liaison Officer 

RPILO Regional Public Information Liaison Officer 

RPLO Regional Prison Liaison Officer 

RPLO Regional Probation Liaison Officer 

RTLO Regional Telephone Liaison Officer 

RYPLO Regional Young Persons Liaison Officer 

S&R Stortford & Roding Intergroup 

SBIG South Beds Intergroup 

SEA South East Anglia Intergroup 

SEC Secretary 

V/CHAIR Vice-Chair