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First Meeting

We put out an invitation, Calling all younger members…, in the Summer edition of AA Service News and on our website via a link from the home page, for volunteers to join the YP Project Team. A good response was received predominantly from members in the south of England so a circular was also sent out to the Regions in a bid to attract young members from the midlands, north, Scotland and Wales.

Everyone who had expressed an interest in the YP Project was invited to the Southern Service Office on 28th September for an introductory session which aimed to share experience and identify some actions to move the project forward.

The meeting room was full with an enthusiastic crew from London, Bristol, Portsmouth, Winchester and one from Stockholm in Continental Europe Region.

The broad aim of the project is to take inventory of the Fellowship’s service structure and resources, including literature, posters and website and make recommendations which would make AA more attractive and relevant to potential young members in Britain (and English speaking Europe) today. Proposals focus on:

  •  Attracting young people with alcohol problems into recovery in AA.
  •  Engaging them in the unity of the Fellowship.
  •  Encouraging them into service via the service structure.   

The meeting agenda picked up from this and the Conference recommendations identifying a number of aims with individual members or groups concentrating on particular items to develop.

The next ‘meeting’ via Webex is scheduled for the end of November. Any young members interested in finding out more and joining the YP network can contact Sophie at GSO SophiePerring@gsogb.org.uk