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Microsite Editor

About your Microsite

Microsite Editor

Each Intergroup and Region has a microsite over which they have editorial control, as long as the contents adhere to the Traditions of AA, and conform to any Conference decisions. In particular, Conference 2013 decided that:

The AAGB website allows the following external links (using an appropriate disclaimer):

  • The websites of other national AA General Service Offices
  • Mapping software, to aid searches for meetings
  • Language translation software, to aid people for whom English is not their first language.
  • Secure payment services websites, to allow members to use the online shop.

All other external links will require Conference approval.

Editing the microsite requires a password, which will normally only be issued to the ECLO for the responsible body. A Microsite User Guide may be downloaded from here.

In order to edit to your microsite, click HERE

You should be presented with a box similar to the one below. Enter your given username and password, then you should be in editor mode

If you need the login details, or if you have any problems, inform the Electronic Communications Sub Committee via this link.


Microsite User Guide
A new version of this guide has been published. It may be downloaded from here.
July 2022

Group Reference Number
Every meeting has a Group Reference Number - also known as 'UID', for Unique IDentification - which is asked for when you fill in a Pink Form to change details about your group. It is not necessary to know this number, but it is very useful to GSO staff when they are dealing with the Pink Forms. Until now, almost the only place where this number is given is on mail from GSO e.g. AA Service News. The UID is printed below the address.

Now you can find a Group's uid from the Intergroup microsite. Within the microsite is a page listing all Intergroup meetings. When this page is called up, there is a further option to download the list in .PDF format. This list shows the uid for each group.

If you are not familiar with your Intergroup's microsite, then go to this page:


Visit your Region's page and you will see the entry-point to your Intergroup microsite.

January 2023