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Details on the Email System

(News about our email system is posted below. Last update: August, 2019)

Logging in to aamail.org

In order to login to your aamail address, click HERE

You should be presented with a box similar to the one below. Enter your given username and password, then you should be able to read your mail.

If you have any problems, inform the Electronic Communications Sub Committee via this link.


User Guide (last updated August 2019)

A brief user guide to the aamail.org system is in the Document Library.  It covers

  • Requesting an email address
  • Using aa email with clients/apps
  • What to do if your email stops working.
It may be downloaded from here.


Old Email System, March 2018

As announced at Conference 2017, all old mailboxes (of the form position@aa-email.org.uk ) were turned off some months ago. Any forwarders in place were left on at that time. They will be turned off shortly after Conference 2018; and then there will be no more use of the old email system.


Announcement, December 2017

'Bouncing Emails'

There have been several complaints about emails being returned. Our Postmaster writes that, on investigation, he has found some members are giving out aamail addresses with the suffix .org.uk

It should be .org


Announcement, October2016

Following a recent meeting of RECLOs, it has been decided to discontinue the maintenance of old email addresses (xxx@aa-email.org.uk). Officers using one of these addresses should notify the administrator of the old system that they would like to migrate, by sending a message to


If the officer is listed in the Confidential Directory, migration should take place very soon thereafter. If the officer is not listed, then it may take a short while to confirm that we are able to set up the new address.

Full migration instructions will be given. A forwarder will be set up from the old address to the new, so there will be no ongoing need to look at the old mailbox.

Thereafter, any queries relating to the operation of the new addresses should be sent to the same address as that from which migration instructions were sent.

We anticipate that all migrations will be complete by the end of September, and the old system will be switched off six months after that.

Officers who do not currently have email addresses should apply for new ones, using the webform at:


The comments above about in/out of the Confidential Directory also apply.

James K
Trustee, ECSC
16 August, 2016