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How to login to the webmail system

Details on the Email System

(News about our email system is posted below. Last update:  4th January 2022)

In order to be allocated an AA Mail address please register by filling our this form here (found in the Document Libray > Forms) and sending it to groupinformation@gsogb.org.uk as per instructed in the form.


As advised in the message from Sharon Smyth on 16 November, we are transferring our email system to a different platform. Old passwords will no longer work and you should request a new one from Anne-Marie, admin.northernserviceoffice@gsogb.org.uk. They will send your new password ASAP, and will also post on this page and send instructions on how to log in after the transition which should be complete by January 4.

New instructions on how to login are below.

You can now login here.

Our new Email Guide can be downloaded here.

How to set up email using IMAP details are here.