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Terms of Reference

Outline of the Share Sub-Committee Terms of Reference

  • The aims of the Sub Committee include implementation of Conference recommendations
  • Chaired by a General Service Board (GSB) Trustee
  • Meeting up to 4 times annually, depending on workload
  • Meetings take place at the General Service Office (GSO), York, unless GSB approves another location
  • Comprises a minimum of four and a maximum of eight members, unless otherwise approved by the Board
  • Minutes to be made available to GSO for distribution to all GSB members as soon as possible after each meeting
  • Membership is for a four-year period; all members' details will be held at GSO
  • An annual budget to be prepared for GSB approval; projects to be detailed and presented for GSB for approval (this must include risk assessment)
  • Members must strive to attend Sub Committee meetings on a regular basis, including conference calls
  • Prospective Sub Committee members should have at least 5 years' continuous sobriety at the time of application