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November 2022

Read our latest issue of Roundabout Magazine November 2022


I was told from the beginning that service began at my homegroup. Just turning up to meetings was doing my part, to help ensure the meeting was able to run. My homegroup was very small and there were not a lot of people to rotate the positions around, but after a few years I was given the key and started to open the meeting, make the tea and ensure the door was always open. I also took on roles at Intergroup and Region and for the past few years have been part of the Roundabout Subcommittee. None of these roles work in isolation – whether opening a meeting where I need at least one other AA member to help make the meeting happen; working with Intergroup where I am part of all of the meetings within our district, or Region where I am part of the whole of the Highlands and Islands – all the roles require me to be part of ‘something’ and before I got sober, I didn’t want to be part of anything. I wanted to do it on my own and if I ever found myself having to work with a team or in a group – I hated it! AA has taught me to work as part of a team, not to spend my time in isolation and to communicate…also to know when to shut up and listen!

Without AA members taking on service roles, AA couldn’t continue to do the work it does. We need the tea person, the welcomer, the GSR for Intergroup, the treasurer, the subcommittee members – AA is one of the most reliable ‘machines’ I have ever encountered but it does this because of its members. If you don’t have a service role, or would like to do more than you are now, I would encourage you to go to Intergroup and Region and learn about the vacancies and roles on offer. You might even consider joining the Roundabout Subcommittee!

Roundabout Magazine November 2022

1 Preamble
2 Subcommittee Noticeboard
3 Editorial
4 Service Keeps You Sober
6 Peace In My Life
7 Service With A Smile
8 Roundabout Yearbook
9 G.O.D
10 I Kept Coming Back
11 2022 Themes
12 66th Scottish National Convention
i Conventions And Gatherings
ii-iv Group Information
13 My Service Story
15 66th All Ireland Convention
16 The Roundabout Interview
19 AA History Corner
21 Extracts From AA Literature
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24 The Twelve Concepts Of World Service
25 The Twelve Traditions