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  • Share is produced and published monthly by the General Service Board (GSB) of AA in Great Britain.  It succeeded the AA 'Newsletter', which was started by AA members in London in October 1949.  Share's first issue was dated October 1972.
  • Share publishes contributions by its' members, based on their experience, strength and hope; articles on AA's Steps, Traditions and Concepts; its historical roots; on topical issues that arise in the Fellowship from time to time; letters from readers; and extracts from Conference Approved Literature (CAL).
  • Publication does not imply endorsement by AA, and opinions expressed are not to be attributed to AA, as a whole.
  • Each month's issue included information about groups starting and closing, or changing venues or times.
  • Items submitted for publication in the monthly Calendar are for AA occasions only and must be under the auspices of an Intergroup, Region or the GSB.  They must have a structural connection with, and be accountable to, Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • If these criteria are followed, International AA-sponsored conventions may be included.
  • Share does not publicise events held by other agencies, even if they have an AA content.
  • The annual Fellowship Diary and Calendar are also advertised.
  • Each issue includes a subscription order form.
  • All members of the Sub Committee (i.e., Editorial Team) are members of AA.

Share is the monthly magazine for Alcoholics Anonymous (GB).  It is fondly known as "Our meeting between meetings." Share has held its issue price of only £1 per copy (including postage) at the same level since 2001. From January 2024, Share will be £2 per printed copy (including postage) - our first price increase since 2001.It is available for group or individual subscription.

The primary purpose of Share Magazine is to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous in print.  It is written by members, for members.  Without members' contributions, there would be no Share. 

Share makes an excellent gift for you, your sponsor / sponsee or your Home Group.

Subscribe to Share by post

If you would like to like to subscribe to Share Magazine, please print out the form below, complete it and return it with your payment to:

P.O. Box 1
10 Toft Green


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If you would like to like to subscribe to Share Magazine online, please complete the form below.
Subscription Cost

PLEASE NOTE: From January 2024:

Annual UK subscription -£24 (£2 per copy including delivery)

Annual European subscription and postage, including Eire - £35.00

Annual International subscription - £50.00

Share is mailed in a plain envelope to protect anonymity. If this order is for a group subscription THE GROUP NAME MUST BE INCLUDED even if posted to a private address.The group name will not appear on the envelope.

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