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Editorial September 2020

Dear Reader

IN the spirit of Step Nine, these last few months have seen us take responsibility for the well-being of ourselves and others by facing the challenge of new ways of connecting with and supporting one another. Now, as the world faces the challenge of coming out of lockdown, so too our Fellowship faces the dilemma of reopening face-to-face meetings. Already we are ‘building a new path’ on which we can implement Government and venue requirements, whilst continuing to embrace the spirit of our Fellowship and our Traditions. Though Tradition Nine starts with “AA, as such, ought never be organized;” our aim is to reach all who want sobriety. Once again, we will be in a period of transition - finding with honesty, openness and willingness how best to continue in the spirit of service in our Fellowship.

The theme this month is sponsorship.  As we embark on our Step Nine, many of us find the guidance of our sponsor to be vital. In being totally honest, “Let’s not talk prudence while practicing evasion.” (12&12 p.87), we allow our sponsor to give this guidance – for me, this required a deep and trusting relationship. Equally true, as sponsors we can ask, “Am I helping those I sponsor find what works for them?”. The current leaflet ‘Sponsorship: Your Questions Answered’ can be extremely helpful to both sponsee and sponsor.

Let’s remember Dr. Bob’s words, “Our Twelve Steps, when simmered down to the last, resolve themselves into the words “love” and “service.” We understand what love is, and we understand what service is. So let's bear those two things in mind.” (Farewell Talk, Sunday, July 30, 1950).  As we go forward, our Programme ensures the Fellowship will embrace these challenging times with tolerance, patience, kindness and love.

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Brightening An Afternoon

IN my experience, there are two ways of tackling Step Nine - well and badly. I've tried both, and I certainly do not recommend the 'badly' option. For a start, I was drunk.

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Freedom To Live My Own Life

I WANTED to stop drinking for years... well I wanted all the horrible bits to go away if truth be told... but I didn't connect drinking with my behaviour and all those consequences.

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How It Really Was!

IN Step Eight I had written my three columns of those to whom I was willing to make amends (column one), those I wasn't too sure about (column two) and those whom I definitely did not want to make amends to (column three).

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Making Amends

HAVING put pen to paper as suggested by my sponsor and made my list, I arranged to visit him at his house to discuss Step Nine.

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