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Editorial October 2020

Dear Reader

…wake up and smell the roses.  The beautiful picture on our front cover this month reminds me that taking time to stop and reflect is a vital part of the spiritual journey we have embarked on. Step Ten is such a wonderful tool, supporting us in continuing the cleansing process which we undertake through the Twelve Steps of our Programme. This Step encourages us to examine our thoughts and actions continually during each day – not as a stick to beat ourselves up with but as a loving act of self-care. It helps us to reflect on and keep our awareness on our own behaviours and our willingness to change those behaviours where necessary. By focussing on the positive, particularly during challenging times, the day’s end can feel as peaceful as the beautiful sunset on this month’s back cover. A day well-lived reflected by a feeling of serenity not just on what has been achieved.

The Serenity Prayer is such an important part of our Fellowship – in this country it’s how each meeting ends. As we continue to move slowly and carefully out of lockdown, the words of this prayer really resonate with me, reminding me how important it is to continue to take a personal inventory and recognise when I need to have courage or when I need to have acceptance. Such wisdom takes time but practising reflection and connecting with my Higher Power helps me to be honest with myself on a daily basis.

The gift of sobriety requires daily maintenance. “Since recovery from alcoholism is life itself to us, it is imperative that we preserve in full strength our means of survival.” (12&12 p.181). Have a peaceful day, every day.

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