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November 2021

Share Magazine issue November 2021

Dear Reader

As we continue on our AA journey, with the support of the Fellowship and our life-saving Programme, we have probably, by now, found a Higher Power of our own understanding. Step Eleven encourages us to deepen that relationship. When I use prayer to talk to my Higher Power and meditation to quieten my mind and listen (and hear!) my Higher Power, I cope better with life’s challenges. There are many prayers, across all religions and philosophies, and many meditation techniques, so part of our individual adventure is to find those which best suit our own spiritual path.

I find ‘quiet times’, which include prayer and meditation, give my life structure and contentment. Some days I may pray more or meditate more – it depends what challenges arise in my relationships with others or just life in general – and I frequently have to stop and connect with my Higher Power several times a day. Over the years, while ‘praying only for knowledge of His will…’, I constantly questioned how I would know that I was carrying out God’s will and was not back in self-will. Today, I find when I am at peace and content – then I am likely to be doing the right thing, for me.

It’s wonderful that next year we have the opportunity to celebrate 75 years of our amazing Fellowship in this country.  While there is the Anniversary Convention in Leeds next June, I’m sure many Regions and intergroups are taking the opportunity to raise awareness of the Fellowship in their wider communities.  Why not write an article for SHARE, sharing your personal experience of what this AA milestone means to you. It doesn’t take long to write something that will mean a lot to another alcoholic – on their individual, but not alone, adventure.


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