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Dear Reader

Welcome to our November edition of Share featuring articles on our Eleventh Step and our new feature, The Share Interview. The Share team hope that this edition will be helpful to your recovery.

Now, another subject, Literature! The Conference approved AA literature that we see on display at most meetings. My own recovery, in the early days was greatly helped by AA literature. This included, of course, The Big Book but also The Twelve Steps and Traditions (Basic text for our Step meeting), Living Sober, Who Me?, Understanding Anonymity, The Jack Alexander Article and of course the wonderful Just For Today card.

Often I see our literature put out at meetings with an apparent lack of interest from many. In an old school manner I do believe that the Literature Secretary should have a good understanding of what is in the literature on display and to be there to encourage members of the group to take advantage of this sobriety resource. If it is someone fairly new in sobriety then suggesting that they take some pamphlets home to read can only help their own sobriety. If subsequently they pass on some of their knowledge about our literature to others then they have the opportunity to do work on the Twelfth Step.

To get a piece of AA literature printed, much work is done to ensure that the true AA message is communicated. Our literature Committee do service to ensure everything included is just right and fits with all our Twelve Traditions. New publications have to be approved by our annual AA conference in York, attended by AA delegates from all over the country, representing the Group Conscience of our Fellowship.

That piece of literature you pick up is a valuable resource to help you on your sobriety journey.

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