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HELLO AND WELCOME to Share magazine. This month we have another fabulous selection of experience, strength and hope for us all to savour and enjoy. I am really pleased to see once again that my call to action (read whining here) over the last few months for pen to be put to paper has been heeded. Many thanks.

Now then, you may remember about 18 months ago I was waxing lyrical about the archive in York and promising to set up a regular 'archive column' in the magazine. Well, hands up, I got a little waylaid and instead rolled out several other new features instead. However, this month I am delighted to introduce the first of a new series, starting on page 24. We hope you enjoy them, and fear not, there are plenty more to follow! Also this month, The Promises and Me makes a welcome return. Great news.

Right, time to talk about the theme this month, then. Well, a much-loved old-timer sent in a selection of superb photographs recently and I chose these two for this month's edition simply because I love the sea and I love the countryside. They also immediately inspired the title of 'Serenity and Serendipity'. All very well, I hear you grumble, but just how does this relate to Share and/or our Fellowship, then? For me at least, and I speak for only myself here, I find that when I take time out to communicate with my God and ask that His will be done as opposed to mine, my day seems to go rather better than if I had ploughed on regardless. Indeed, I find quite often that there is some serenity in my day and events occur serendipitously - things fall into place and my needs are met precisely because I haven't tried to be God. Enjoy.

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