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May 2022

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Dear Reader

The Real Me?... having had to face up to the exact nature of my own wrongs, with Step Five, I now had to admit these to another person. By now I understood the importance of total honesty about myself and my past, and that long-term sobriety depended on this. While challenging, this Step brings so much relief in being able to put down the burden of the past and learn to truly live again.  What joy! To have found trust again – in my Higher Power, at least one other person and even in myself – ensured my continuing journey on this spiritual path. 
With Tradition Five in mind, I also realised that for me to keep this hard-won sobriety, it would be important to remain open to doing whatever service presented itself. And, through the will of my Higher Power, I gain the strength and courage to fulfil these service opportunities. 

Next month, many of you will be gathering in Leeds to celebrate the AA GB 75th Anniversary with the team looking forward to all the wonderful articles you submit. Don’t forget to send us your experience, strength and hope around any other anniversary celebrations you have. 

Thank you for the wonderful response to our theme this month, which was based around emotional well-being – very important in what continues to be rather unsettling times.  I know I have to rely constantly on our wonderful Recovery Programme - I now understand what Fellows meant when they said, “I’m grateful to be an alcoholic, in recovery”.  Today I can remain aware of, and deal with, my own life and shortcomings, while working on leaving everything else alone. Being able to live life on life’s terms is …the real me.

Fixing how I felt

AT a meeting I attended recently, this question, 'What makes an alcoholic?" was put forward as a suggested topic for discussion.

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And Freedom came

SO, I had completed the searching and fearless moral inventory...which was long and had been an emotional journey, now I needed to read it out to my sponsor.

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A strong group

WHEN I finally decided that I was one of you and I wanted what you had, I found myself up on Pink Seven.

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One primary purpose

TRADITION Five tells us that, 'Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers."

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