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Following on from the launch last month of this exciting new column, here we hear from the housewife who drank at home. If this rings true with you, write in and let us know. We'd love to hear from any househusbands too.

  • At one time the admission that I was and am an alcoholic meant shame, defeat and failure to me.
  • The only incentive that I had ... for getting dressed in the morning was to get out and get "supplies" ...
  • I should have realized that alcohol was getting hold of me when I started to become secretive ...
  • I did my hiding in the hampers and in my dresser drawers.
  • ... but I wasn't conscious of the fact that I should stop.  I kept on.
  • To me, taking a bath was just being in a place with a bottle where I could drink in privacy.
  • Finally I didn't care; I was beyond caring.
  • I taped the keyhole on my door because "everyone was out there."
  • As long as I worked ... I didn't drink.  But I had to get back to that first drink somehow.
  • Mere cessation from drinking is not enough ... while the need for that drink goes on.
  • The fellowship I found in A.A. enabled me to face my problem honestly and squarely.
  • I took everything that A.A. had to give me.
  • A.A. gives us alcoholics direction into a way of life without the need for alcohol.

The Housewife Who Drank at Home, pg 295