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Editorial July 2020

Dear Reader

WELCOME to our July edition featuring articles from members with experience of prisons either as guests or who have done service in prisons. SHARE has received a good response from members contributing articles for this issue and we thank you for taking the time to write for us. Some groups, intergroups and Regions send copies of SHARE into prisons as our magazine format can be distributed to inmates quite easily. If you are reading SHARE whilst in prison, we would love to hear from you about your Experience, Strength and Hope. Please write to GSO York at the address listed at the front of SHARE, either by email or a handwritten letter. We hope as always that those reading our magazine will find it helpful in their recovery and ‘Our Meeting Between Meetings.’

SHARE is now available to download from our AA Website. The SHARE team would be interested to hear your feedback on our Online format and what you think about it.

Tradition Seven. It is very much part of our AA Tradition to pass the pot in a meeting. The disruption to our normal meetings has removed that physical pot but Tradition Seven still applies to our Fellowship and meetings. The telephone helplines that many of us used to find AA need our support, The AA Website, supporting service for Public Information, our General Service Offices and many other parts of our Fellowship need financial resources. Is your Online group passing the virtual pot? Are you continuing to support and action Tradition Seven?

Download the full issue here or read the articles below

Freedom From Fear

THE police surrounded the house just before 7am. I was three and a half months sober, attending meetings and with a draft of Step Four ready for the next meeting with my sponsor.

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Please Put A Penny In The Old Man's Hat

SO goes a line in an old Christmas carol that shot into my memory during a recent AA business meeting.

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Starting my Journey

HELLO there! My name's Sarah and I'm an alcoholic.

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The Night The Bomb Was Dropped

ONCE upon a time, a drink problem for me was having two hands and only one mouth.

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