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My name is AK and I'm an alcoholic.  I am powerless over alcohol and life had become unmanageable and unliveable.  I'm extremely grateful to have joined the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and embarked on a 12 Step Programme of recovery from the progressive and humiliating disease that is alcoholism. 

In view of the way I destructively drank and lived my life (before, during and after drinking), only a Divine Power could have saved me.  I accepted this Higher Power, infinitely greater than me, as God.  Through making a moral inventory of myself it became blatantly obvious that I had numerous glaring defects of character, which I wanted removed.

I asked my Higher Power to remove these defects of character so that I may be kind, considerate, loving, serving and helpful.  Results to date have been nothing short of amazing and, having made amends to family and friends, life is not just liveable but immensely enjoyable when lived by simple spiritual principles.

Asking for removal of my character defects- mainly greed, sloth, pride and arrogance on a daily basis makes me aware of the problems that need to be addressed.  Even an atheist or agnostic would agree that such an exercise at the very least engenders self-awareness, which can be healing.  I refer to a request for removal of my character defects as meditation and prayer to God.  With time, these actions become part of a daily reprieve which alongside Service and sponsorship keep me sober a day at a time.