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Editorial January 2021

Dear Reader

As we embark on a New Year, with many unknowns and the continuing challenge of global uncertainty due to Covid-19, we can embrace life with renewed hope.  The experiences of the last year - where many have had to dig deep to find acceptance of situations utterly beyond their control and willingness to work with new ways of living - have reinforced that the AA Programme of Recovery gives us “…a design for living that works in rough going.” (BB p.15). When we live with honesty, open-mindedness and willingness, that is how our Programme works, it’s the key to recovery.

How vital Step One is - in admitting powerlessness over alcohol, we are then able to let the power of the Programme into our lives. We find ways to manage the unmanageable (as this past year may have felt at times) without picking up that first drink.  I often think that the words in an old song “Reach out, I’ll be there.” describes AA.  The starting point for recovery is asking for help.  It takes immense courage to make that first call, that first meeting, that first ‘reaching out’, when the awareness of “I can’t do this anymore!” hits, but the hand of AA is always there to support, not judge or criticise.

So, to all newcomers, welcome on this journey of self-discovery where you will find a way of living, full of joy, peace and serenity but also find the tools to cope with and embrace the challenges life throws up. Learning to live with our past behaviours takes time but the miracle does happen, so stick around.  And for all of us, as we continue to find support in one another, let’s enjoy this journey as we stay sober and learn to live sober, one day at a time, no matter what this exciting, probably challenging, New Year brings. Love in Fellowship, always.

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