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February 2022

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Dear Reader

Having fully committed to the AA Programme of Recovery through working on Step One, it was such a relief when I realised that Step Two was to be my rallying point to sanity. At this point all I needed was an open mind and a willingness to listen to suggestions. No longer was it me, on my own with just my will-power, fighting against an unwelcoming world – a world full of people who did not understand me and left me full of negative thoughts about myself. 

This Step simply says ‘Came to believe…’ and having heard so much positivity in the Rooms, from Fellows who had clearly overcome many challenges through finding a Higher Power of their own understanding, I was ready, willing and able to trust in the Power of this Programme to restore some sort of sanity in my life, especially to my thinking. I had certainly reconnected with my Higher Power and felt the strong spiritual core of AA’s Twelve Steps as soon as I attended my first meeting.

One example of sanity is defined as good mental health with a state of calmness and reason – and I know today this can be achieved on a daily basis when staying connected with a Power greater than self.  It’s about accepting the reality of life, working with it as best we can, on a daily basis and finding that living in the present is really living.  As with everything in AA finding the right balance, perhaps between self-sufficiency and asking for help when needed, takes time and patience. Patience with my Higher Power, myself and others.  With that patience comes a much deeper understanding of why that feeling of disillusionment and, often, self-righteousness had taken such a hold on our thinking. 

Keep coming back.

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